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A weekend of sunshine…

…finally!! Other than the odd little bit of rain, we have had a weekend of dry and warm weather! Perfect for happy dancing and making progress at No.27!

Wahoo, I got a full 5 hours in!! The top ground was still like modelling clay when I first started but it slowly dried up in the sunshine making it easier to weed. 14c on the 19th December! It’s no wonder that nature is getting confused, bugs are still out and spring flowers are starting to show early.

Over 100 plots and I was the only one on the site for the first two hours, peaceful and just the sound of birds.
Slowly everyone started arriving after lunch, either full on digging or popping up to pick their fresh veg for Christmas Dinner.
Introduced myself to a few more of the other owners, one gentleman has had a plot near mine for over 20 years and gave me all the history on my plot. Was very interesting and handy to know!

I woke up today determined to at least get my first bed finished and…’s done…all 2x2m! It doesn’t sound a lot but I’m over the moon! Keeping my back to the rest of the plot as I think 😉

I started by rolling back some of the weed membrane and leaving the ground to dry off for a few minutes whilst I tidied the shed. I have been collecting anything I can for free when I see it, so the shed had turned into a bit of hoarding/dumping ground. With everything firmly in it’s own place and looking a lot neater, I headed back out to commence digging again.
By 2pm, 3 hours of hard work later, and 3 mini scattered showers in the space of 10 minutes, I was shattered so decided I better head home to avoid getting a cold just before Christmas and enjoy a hot bath, cuppa and warm mince pie.

When I read that other allotmenteers are digging 50ft x 20ft spaces in a day, it’s easy to get down but I have to remember that other than being rotovated once, my plot hasn’t been touched for 3/4 years so the top few inches are full on weeds including couch grass and nettle roots. They are everywhere and firmly in place.

What adventures have you been up to on the last weekend before Christmas?

I can’t keep my eyes open so I’m off for a nap, hope that all makes sense! 🙂 x

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