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Germinating Dreams

I have so many dreams for No.27 and also many other aspects of my life. I do wonder sometimes if I am relying on miracles with the amount I take on but really it’s all about passion, dedication and lots of blooming hard work. That goes for allotment dreams and any others.

My little sowed dreams are off to a good start, my Thompson & Morgan Sweet Peas ‘Scented Mix’ and Suttons Onion ‘Bedfordshire Champion’ seeds have started germinating.

I am already in love with my Sweet Pea seedlings, it’s the beauty and detail of them at only a few days old. Although the process is seen as simple, there is something so fascinating to me about planting a little seed, nurturing them and watching them grow.
If you are growing your seedlings on a windowsill, once they start to appear you should rotate the tray on a daily basis to ensure that they get even sunlight and don’t all lean in one direction begging for sun.


The Suttons Onion ‘Bedfordshire Champion’ seeds also appear to be off to a good start. I am unsure if they are supposed to look how they do especially the loop. Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

My Thompson & Morgan Pepper ‘Peperoncino Ciliegia Piccante’ seeds haven’t germinated yet which is a little concerning. I started them on a windowsill but I have moved them into my newly bought heated propagator so I am going to hold out a little bit longer before I ditch them and start again.

I am hoping to sow my tomato and flowers seeds in the next couple of weeks too, alongside lots more digging, working hard and writing my next uni assignment.
Don’t forget the essential cups of tea and slices of cake either, I will rely on these to get me through.

Plant Dreams, Grow Miracles and Create Realities…


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