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No.27: 0-4 months

As many of you know, I got N0.27, my first allotment on the 27th October 2015  and started work a few days after.

The journey has been incredible and I have loved sharing it with you just as much as getting the work done and watching the plot grow.
I remember feeling so overwhelmed with no experience at all, but determined to succeed with the help of lots of books and passion. It was only last weekend when planting the potatoes that I finally felt like I was getting somewhere and would be ready in time for Spring and my first growing year.

I have been looking back at all the photo’s I have taken, which is probably more than anyone. I have to take new photo’s on every visit, it’s a must for me!

It’s also perfect for times like now when I want to reminisce.

Time to scroll back the months ….

I’m already excited to look back again in another 4 months time….have a great weekend and happy gardening!

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