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Many hands make light work.

Afternoon all, the sun is shining but I do wish the weather would start to warm up now, my window sills are packed to the brim and I still have lots to do.

My current list of jobs will have to probably wait a week whilst I concentrate on a 26 page uni assignment, but here it is;
1. Finish tidying up around the blackberry bush
2. Manure the finally finished squash and pumpkin bed
3. Plant out my broad beans and some more strawberries
4. Sow a row of leeks
5. Transform the top of the plot by the shed into a woodchip seating area

This list will keep expanding next month with lots more to sow such as pumpkins, squashes and kale. Also, will need to woodchip the main path and keep collecting pallets to make more borders and to line the shed.
I would love to paint the shed next month too, I have had the paint for a while, just need the warmer weather and consistently dry days.

Yesterday, with the help from my parents, brother and 1 year old nephew we bought chaos, fun and laughter to my normally very quiet site, but we got lots done. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work, especially having a dad and brother who are carpenters! So when I said about the path border they sprung straight into action and came up with a better idea than I originally had planned involving using the pallets which I saved for another job.

By using certain parts of the pallets I now have a border, but also a border that I can plant up with beautiful herbs, flowers, salad leaves and radishes.

After nearly 6 months of predominately single-handed digging, we finished the final bit of digging of the beds on the right hand side! You don’t know how good it feels to finally have a break from double digging and pulling out ridiculously long nettle and cough grass weeds.
Mid way through digging we all stopped and I put on the kettle so we could have a cup of tea or Bovril accompanied by a delicious sugary jam doughnut. I haven’t had a doughnut for a very long time so I relished every bite.
Now the digging was completed it meant that I could clear the weed membrane and use a section to cover the mound I have created from all the weed riddled soil.

The final job left was to start shifting the trimmed grass that has been covered up since November. Mid way through I lifted up a big pile and underneath was a hedgehog very well camouflaged amongst the straw. Some how he must of managed to get under the weed membrane and snuggled himself up for the winter.
I really am surprised he was still alive as I have climbed on top of the pile numerous times over the last few weeks without realising he was there, he must have cushioned himself up very well. I covered him back over and the job will have to wait to be finished until Mr Hedgehog has moved on.

All the jobs done and it was nearly 3pm so about time I packed up and headed off to get some lunch.
Hope you have all managed to get some time out in the garden, at your allotment or even just outdoors in the fresh air.

Bye for now x




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