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Have you wondered what your allotment would say to you? I know, it sounds bit weird but don’t worry I am not going completely mad just yet, please just stick with me.

Hi, my name is No.27, I am many years old and have had many owners, but since November 2015 I have had a new owner who offered me this guest appearance to share my view.

Until Annabelle came one Saturday, stood at my gate and decided to take care of me, I was left abandoned and feeling worthless for the last 4 years.
Don’t get me wrong she looked very apprehensive and so was I; so many people over the years have tried to take care of me but in the end have just left me in a worse state than I was originally in.
I know I am hard work and my weeds can drive people mad, but with a little TLC and help I could be so rewarding and generous.

I wanted to write a letter to all new allotment owners but from my point of view.

Unless you are extremely lucky, most new plots will look like I did 7 months ago, overgrown and full of weeds. I know, we look very daunting.
Please take your time, think wisely if you have enough time to commit to taking care of me and enable me to achieve my full potential.
Although it’s make me smile to see new people coming to say hi, unless you can fully commit to looking after me I would rather you let someone else take on the challenge that is me.
Us abandoned plots sit here lonely, feeling like the ugly ducking watching our neighbours looking beautiful and loved. They are stunning, full of colour and excitement to produce delicious crops for their loving owners.
My new owner works full time, studies at university and is still doing the best job she can in looking after me, so I am sure if you are determined enough you can do it. I look a lot better than I did 7 months ago, believe me! Take a look at the photos if you don’t.
I can be your place of tranquillity, your escape, your exercise work-out, the friend that makes you believe you can achieve anything with a bit of hard work.

If you believe you have the commitment then we are in this together, we support each other. I don’t care if you don’t know what you are doing or if you are nervous, all I care about is enthusiasm.

My advice to you, please take your time. I know you want to charge in at full steam, get growing your own and make me look as great as my neighbours, but this will not pay off in the long run. You will injure yourself, then you could get disheartened and I could be left on my own again.
Come for short visits, but as often as you can. If it’s a beautiful sunny day, then come for the day but bring your pack lunch, lots to drink and take a break every now and then to take photo’s and look at what you have achieved so far.
Another tip, you are probably very excited and walk in to garden centres and other stores wanting to buy everything you see, thinking one day you will use it so buy it. If you do this, I can be very expensive. I really don’t need to be either, I just want to give, give, give.
Sit down and think what you actually need, if you don’t know ask fellow owners or there are lots of books about me.
Lastly, I am sure you have your own thoughts about whether to have raised beds, dig or no dig, organic or non-organic, don’t worry, I have experienced them all. I would say there is no wrong way and you will learn what is right for us to work together as effectively as possible, but one small note…I do find weedkiller hurts. Well it definitely does for me, other plots might be more tough though.

It was lovely to say hello but I better be off now, I have lots of vegetables and flowers to grow and slugs to try fend off before Annabelle comes back and visits me later.

Happy Gardening!

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