‘Ribbit Ribbit’ from No.27

Morning all, I suddenly remembered I still haven’t told you about the new arrivals to No.27.

My sister and niece were recently given some tadpoles by a friend; over the last few months we have watched them transform into little froggies, 15 in total. It is truly magical seeing them change.
Now the frogs were fully formed, they needed a new home in order to survive. What better place than my wildlife pond at No.27, that’s what I thought anyway. Luckily my sister agreed and last Sunday became moving day, fish tank to the big outdoors!

Time to go….
Photos 20-06 139
After holding them very tightly for the 45 minute drive, they arrived at their new home. I am not sure if they will stay or survive, only time will tell but bringing them here definitely gives them a much better chance. They best get eating all the slugs and grow quick!
The frogs are so small, its adorable. I can’t help but keep looking at them in fascination as I make sure the pond is ready  and that they have different ways to get in and out safely.

Photos 20-06 152
It was time to gently place them near the pond and wish them luck, fingers crossed!

Do you have a wildlife pond on your plot? If so, do you have any friendly visitors or lodgers?

Photos 20-06 148Photos 20-06 161.JPG

11 thoughts on “‘Ribbit Ribbit’ from No.27

  1. Kalamain says:

    Seen a couple of frogs this year. No spawn though because I have a Koi and they eat spawn. I built in a second level of pond but I think it’s too fast moving for frogs to spawn. But they do tend to visit my pond a lot!

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  2. Flighty says:

    Good for you, I think that all gardens and plots should have a small pond for wildlife. I have two on the plot and seen various wildlife including bees, birds, foxes and frogs use them. xx

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  3. Brambles & Twine says:

    I was lucky enough to inherit a pond on my allotment. Unfortunately I found it by falling in it (my plot was completely overgrown) but I’m lucky enough to have seen this years froggy brood grow up. Its taken a while to get used to them jumping out randomly at me (there have been some really embarrassing squeals from me when they take me by surprise) but they are awesome and I feel so grateful that they call my little patch home. I hope your little ones settled in well and come back to breed next year 🙂


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