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Holiday Wishes from No.27

2016 is nearly coming to an end and what a year it has been. It certainly has been full of surprises in every way.

I feel I have had a very successful first full year at No.27, trug loads of delicious crops, amazing opportunities and so many wonderful new friends. I hope the year also bought you many delights.

Before the gardening year of 2017 begins, there is still lots for me to get done including finish harvesting the celeriac, brussel sprouts and kale, most of which will be enjoyed today for Christmas Dinner. I harvested the first celeriac last week and simply roasted it for an hour. Wow, wasn’t it delicious! Celeriac is seen as one of the harder vegetables to grow but I say give it a go, just give them plenty of water and strip back any leaves as they drop.

I also need to finish tidying the beds and wrap them up in a thick warm blanket of well rotted manure ready for Spring.
At this time of the year the plot looks rather sorry for itself, excluding the brightly coloured shed that always brings a smile. I didn’t expect any signs of new growth quite yet, but this week bought a surprise for me. As you will know, about 7 weeks ago a very kind plot neighbour gave me a generous chunk of their rhubarb crown which they had dug up for splitting. I could see at least 3 growing points so was thoroughly excited as I am a huge rhubarb fan, especially as a compote or in a crumble with lots of custard!
I re-planted the crown immediately and surrounded it in a thick layer of manure. Now the surprise, new growth is already appearing which I wasn’t expecting for sometime yet. I know that I will leaving it for the first year so the roots develop a strong system but I already can’t wait for the sight and taste of my own rhubarb.

My Thyme is still doing remarkably well for this time of year too, full of green and no sight of dying back anytime soon. I am certainly not complaining as it can be used for Christmas Dinner roasting, just hoping that it will have time to relax and come back strong next year.

I know that many gardeners are feeling fed up of the dark nights and the limited plot activity at the moment, but Spring will be here before we know it. We will suddenly all be panic sowing and wondering how we will get everything ready in time.
So for now, just relax when you have a moment, bring together all the seed catalogues and start planning the beauty that will make 2017 a successful growing year.

Before I go see if Santa decided I have been good this year and has left me any prezzies, I want to say a big thank you to each and every one of my followers and now friends across all channels for being part of the journey. I truly value all your support and the private messages I receive explaining how I have inspired through my enthusiasm makes what I do even more worthwhile.
Amongst trying to change the ‘allotmenteer’ stereotype and sustaining a healthy lifestyle for myself, the biggest goals has and always will be to inspire others from young to not so young to just give ‘grow your own’ a go. It can be fun and it can be cool, that is what I am trying to show.

Thank you also to the 100+ of you who entered my fabulous Christmas giveaway in collaboration with Groseeds, ‘the seed company who gives back’, giving away £105 worth of seeds. The giveaway has been a great success and it has given me such delight to bring some early Christmas presents to very deserving winners.
My biggest thank you goes to Moira at Groseeds for allowing me to bring these amazing gifts to you. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners make sure you head to the their website and check it out!

I really hope that this giveaway will be the first of many, it truly is one of the best feelings. I’m sure you would all love more too.

So many exciting plans are coming in 2017 which I can’t wait to share with you and hope you will love.

I wish you a magical Christmas, wonderful New Year and a bounty of successful produce in 2017.

Finally….Dream big!


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