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To Do List – April

How is it that not long ago it felt like we were all sat twiddling our fingers over seed catalogues and websites waiting what seemed like forever for Spring to come?! Now, I feel like I can’t keep up with all the sowing to be done and the cheeky weeds popping up through the soil, saying “You thought you had got rid of me didn’t you? Haha, I’m baaack!”

Really we all have ages and shouldn’t be panicking, so stop if you are! It’s only April and there is still a good chance of frost. Also, if you started too early and your plants are looking too sexy long legs, just re-pot on them deeper or start again, you have time. Yes, having long legs isn’t always a good thing, at least in the world of GYO.

Last month I said it was time for me to get cracking on the allotment and that is what I have done! In the last couple of weeks, as well as the fun in my previous post,  I have planted two salmonberry plants, three rows of first early Annabelle spuds, moved my flowering Heinz tomato plant into the greenhouse and watched my strawberries begin to flower.






My Super Aquadulce broad bean plants were planted out into the big outdoors and another row sown direct. A row of leeks have also been sown direct after no germination luck indoors.

I’m not one to rave about products unless I absolutely love them, but I couldn’t have done these jobs without my new Burgon & Ball Flora and Fauna Kneeler! Not only is it beautiful and chic, it’s memory foam technology makes it the most comfortable kneeler I have tried to date. It’s certainly worth the £18.99 price tag!

Back home and in the veg trug I have recently sown serge variety pea shoots, lettuce and mustard leaves, perfect for the upcoming Summer salads. Time to go indoors and out of the heat where I have sowed F1 Swift variety Sweet Corn in root trainers, as well as two Sweet Pepper varieties Redskin F1 and Sweet Sunshine F1.
I have probably missed something but I think that’s nearly everything achieved during the recent hot weather spell. How glorious has it been, don’t forget to slap on the SPF!

Did you know, this week isn’t only the time for sowing competition winning pumpkins….its National Gardening Week! 10th – 16th April. So get gardening; indoors or out, it has to be the best way to celebrate.

If pumpkins aren’t on your to-do list there is many other seeds to be sown and activities you can be doing this month, here is my list plus a few extras as always:

Before I go…how are you finding germination rates this year? Mine seem very hit and miss, the feeling appears to be mutual amongst many too.

The rich purple tulips on the other hand are giving me guaranteed daily joy and a pinned smile set to last.

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