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Oh so bright and beautiful…

Well April certainly hasn’t lived up to its stereotype has it?! For a month which has its own name for rain; April Showers, it has certainly let us down! Only a day or two of rain in the whole month and my lovely but consistently moaning neighbour is already complaining at every second about the weight of their 20kg water buckets. I might need ear plugs by the Summer if it’s starting now, the distance to the water station never increases but the moaning sure does.

I, on the other hand, Miss Positive see it as a good excuse for a little weight training. A watering can in each hand, fill them right to the brim and get walking. Throw in a few lunges or watering can ‘dumb bell’ curls if you really fancy showing off. The good thing about starting now is that as the plot gradually builds up over the coming months, so will your fitness. August will come and you will think you’re the incredible hulk! Or just a little bit stronger…

On the subject of the plot filling up, with a short sharp frost now out of the way let’s hope we are out the other side now! I know I’m certainly itching to get direct sowing carrots, parsnips, beetroot and more beans. Can’t wait either to plant out my baby Painted lady runner beans and Swift variety sweetcorn I sowed just two weeks ago, oh my how they have grown! Not forgetting the kohl rabi and my first ever Russian Giant sunflower plants too.

I’m proud to say that I feel like I have been rather productive the last couple of weeks and am definitely enjoying more gardening time now uni is finished. Just over a month until results day, luckily I will be celebrating or commiserating on a beach in Greece with a cocktail or two when the results arrive in my inbox.

So what else I have been upto?

Last weekend, I finally planted my blossoming Lily and Billy, my two new compact apple trees from Lubera. In they went at the top of the plot, not forgetting a good handful of manure and Soilfixer Biochar at the base, followed by a drenching of water. Nobody seems to believe me when I tell them that’s the actual variety names and not just names I have bestowed upon them. To be honest though, they are perfect names for my pollinating couple.

My two 1x1m slot together raised beds which Grow It very kindly sent me are finally up, they are so easy to build too. As the title says, they literally slot together so are perfect for anyone, no DIY skills required. I couldn’t help but add a little personalisation though, the bunnies are gradually taking over the plot and causing lots of conversation.

I feel the next very exciting news requires a drum roll please…

I harvested these beauties, my first harvest of 2017….Unwins ‘Bright & Spicy Mix’ radishes!! Oh so bright and beautiful, so great and small, they are spheres of fresh deliciousness.

Something else delicious and bright isn’t too far away either, my new strawberry plants are beginning to share their white flowers. The cream before the fruit grows and fills me with endless joy over the Summer.

Finally before I go and May arrives, look who else has popped up to say hi, my Annabelle potatoes! Luckily they weren’t too damaged in the frost, only a tinge on a few leaves so I’m confident they will grow strong and produce lots of carb delights. The job of mounding the soil over is on my ever increasing list for the next week and a necessity for all potato growers.

I will leave you with a full shot of No.27 taken a couple of days of go, I must admit that I am so pleased with how it is looking at the moment. Not everything I had hoped has been achieved yet, but I will get there.

Have a great rest of bank holiday weekend and be sure to comment below and let me know what you have been upto!




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