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Non-profit organisation – Q&A

Hi all, on what is a gloomy, wet, windy day in Oxfordshire. I’m taking it as an excuse to stay indoors, write and choose my 2019 seeds. Have you chosen yours yet?

I have noticed that over the last couple of weeks I have been asked an increasing amount of questions regarding Life at No.27 as an non-profit organisation. Some of which I can answer and some I can’t just yet, either because I don’t know the answer yet or because I need to protect myself and the vision to ensure success for us all.

It’s also become clear to me that maybe in my need to protect my dream (just call me a fiercely protective mum of her baby), I have only given teaser details and not much more…unless you have read every page of my website.

So I thought I would do a Q&A to cover the aims clearly and also answer all the questions in one place for all to read. If you have any that are not covered, please comment on this piece or email me and I can add your questions too.

I think that covers everything you have asked, with as much detail as I can give. If not and you have additional questions, just let me know via here or email.

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