Ascot Spring Garden Show

As April arrived with its multitude of weather changes, I published a blog all about Ascot Spring Garden Show and offered you the chance to win a pair of tickets to go along. Well last Saturday, after very kindly being invited by the organisers, I got to take a visit and have a good nosey. … Continue reading Ascot Spring Garden Show


Hackney Herbal

You will remember in my recent blog post about the Garden Press Event, I highlighted an amazing social enterprise called Hackney Herbal  - who promote wellbeing by connecting people with herbs and through creative activities. Well, last Mother's Day which now seems so long ago but wasn't really - I went to visit Nat, the … Continue reading Hackney Herbal

Ascot Spring Garden Show – WIN TICKETS!

There is a new show on the block; it's fresh, exciting, has royal links and is bringing the young gardening talent of the UK to the forefront. It is the Ascot Spring Garden Show, taking place on the 13th - 15th April at the renowned Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire. I will be heading there and this … Continue reading Ascot Spring Garden Show – WIN TICKETS!

Easter Family Fun & Amazing Giveaway!

It's the Easter Holidays arriving very soon and what better way to spend it than as a family. Getting outdoors, having laughs and creating wonderful memories! All of my favourite childhood memories were adventures big or small outdoors, whether it was walking on the foggy moors of Dartmoor, building dens or getting out in the … Continue reading Easter Family Fun & Amazing Giveaway!

I do actually do gardening…promise.

I suddenly had this feeling come over me this week that some of you may think "so you go to all these wonderful places but where is the actual gardening?!" I do actually do gardening...I promise! I couldn't be without my own tranquil place outdoors that I can make mine, aka my allotment. The weather … Continue reading I do actually do gardening…promise.

Thrive – Changing Lives through Gardening

I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting the staff, clients and gardens at Thrive's Beech Hill Centre, near Reading in Berkshire. For those who haven't heard of Thrive, they are a truly inspirational charity who change lives through the power of gardening and they will forever have a place very close to my heart. … Continue reading Thrive – Changing Lives through Gardening

New exciting gardening goodies for 2018

February sees every gardeners' excitement building, with a hope that Spring and getting outdoors is only around the corner. We are all wanting to sow the first seeds of veg and cut flowers, eagerly staring at them every waiting second after wishing for germination. But the month brings a whole other of level of excitement … Continue reading New exciting gardening goodies for 2018

2018 Seed Choices with Groseeds

Happy Monday, or whichever day you are reading this! Hope you had a fab weekend, what did you get up to? Guess what I did....drumroll please....I filmed a video....finally! Yay, shock horror, it actually happened. It is basically me waffling at you in slightly dodgy lighting which I'm sure you will find highly riveting or … Continue reading 2018 Seed Choices with Groseeds

The magic of good soil – makes my heart tingle!

Maybe (probably) it's just me, but there is something about a good layer of weed free raked soil that just makes my heart tingle and go all fluffy. Even my friend, an incredible friend actually, saw me today with the biggest grin on my face and a certain skip in my manure covered wellie steps … Continue reading The magic of good soil – makes my heart tingle!

RHS Hyde Hall – Global Growth Veg Garden and Dahlia Crisps!

In October 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Oliver, the man behind the 1,498.4lb UK Outdoor Grown Record Breaking Pumpkin. As you will already know if you read my Happy National Pumpkin Day blog all about the visit, Matt is also the lucky guy responsible for the new Global Growth Veg Garden at RHS … Continue reading RHS Hyde Hall – Global Growth Veg Garden and Dahlia Crisps!

Here comes the excitement! Are you ready?

Hands up, who has ordered their seeds yet? Also, who are the eager beavers that have started sowing? I finally got round to ordering the last of my seeds this week including Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and Cabbage. I'm determined to have all year round growing nailed this year! How good are you at avoiding the … Continue reading Here comes the excitement! Are you ready?