Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardening Lovers!

We are very quickly approaching the big day now, the Christmas songs have started playing everywhere and I am far from organised! But if you are like me....don't worry it will all come together. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. Who's got their Christmas tree and decs up yet? I went to pick my tree … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardening Lovers!


Garden Media Guild Awards – FINALIST!

One word...WOW! Don't worry I'm not going to get all emotional on you, I did enough of that in my two-year anniversary blog. I do though want to share with you my amazing day at the Garden Media Guild Industry Awards which took place on Thursday 23rd November. It was a day I had been … Continue reading Garden Media Guild Awards – FINALIST!

Still open for business – Year round growing!

I feel like I have shared all my recent road trips and adventures with you but not actually life at No.27. I won't lie, it hasn't exactly been looking pretty! But hey, as I highlighted in launching the #MyRealView Campaign, that's what happen sometimes, life takes over for whatever reason. Actually, it has always looked … Continue reading Still open for business – Year round growing!

Plot Pressure – #MyRealView Campaign

Is it just me or does anyone else feel under pressure for their allotment or garden to look permanently Instagram ready from every angle? We all know this is completely un-realistic in reality but still feel strive to make it look that way or at least tell ourselves it should. There is 100's of different … Continue reading Plot Pressure – #MyRealView Campaign

Hitting the road – RHS Harlow Carr

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you will know that I recently headed up north to Yorkshire for a mini-break away. Taking time to visit family, RHS Harlow Carr and finally meet Dave who hosts my monthly radio show on Drystone Radio. Visting Drystone Towers and actually doing the show in the … Continue reading Hitting the road – RHS Harlow Carr

Monty Don ‘Down to Earth’ Book Launch

3 weeks ago an email landed in my inbox, but not any old email. Every now and then amongst the junk, there is a really exciting one, the kind that makes me jump and skip with delight. The kind where the subject title starts with; Monty Don new book.......... I don't think I had even … Continue reading Monty Don ‘Down to Earth’ Book Launch

Autumn Show 2017 – Trophy Time!

Guess who won the Novice Top Gardener Award at this year's local Autumn Show?! ME!!!! Boom! *Dancing like I just don't care* Sorry, I had to get that out of my system before I start writing properly...... I'm a huge advocate of the Autumn Shows across the country, whether it's your small local village … Continue reading Autumn Show 2017 – Trophy Time!

Royal Botanic Gardens – Kew

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will know that last Saturday I visited Kew Gardens. In their words; 'Kew is London's largest UNESCO World Heritage site offering unique landscapes, vistas and iconic architecture from every stage of the Gardens' history. Our collection of living plants is the largest and most diverse … Continue reading Royal Botanic Gardens – Kew

SEEDBALL – Encourage a bug and a bee…

Every so often I have the honour of being asked to guest blog for wonderful brands, sharing my thoughts and ideas with the hope to inspire more wonderful people in to the world of gardening and GYO. I have been chatting to the lovely team at SEEDBALL for a while now about their amazing and … Continue reading SEEDBALL – Encourage a bug and a bee…

Time flies when your having fun!'s been a whole month...sorry! I have never not blogged for that long but have been super busy and having so much fun. Hopefully you have all seen some very exciting news......I finally have my degree, wahoo!! More importantly for you though.....I launched my YouTube channel! Finally, it's here and I'm so blooming happy, plus … Continue reading Time flies when your having fun!

Marcus Bean – Cooking and GYO unite

Who loves food? I know for me it's the difference between a happy Belle and a grumpy Belle! Beauty certainly turns into the beast with no food; well Belle certainly does anyway. This is why I will most definitely be absorbing every morsel of food I can at the BBC Good Food Show as well as all the … Continue reading Marcus Bean – Cooking and GYO unite