Our clients and followers are our biggest supporters and advocates, so I wanted to share their words:

“You and your story were my inspiration to start my veg growing journey 3 years ago. Watching you push yourself to help yourself overcome and manage your anxiety and using that passion and experience to help others is so encouraging and motivating. 

A massive well done for all your hard work and your determination to make things happen. You’re so brave! 

Happy sowing and growing!”


I have never believed in myself – hearing your talk today made me believe I can achieve anything”

Isabelle, age 8

“It is because of you that I got an allotment”


“I’m happy to get involved, to support you and your cause because it’s something I believe in and wish I’d had access to when the medication and therapy didn’t work”


“Thank you, I now a safe place outside which I didn’t have before.