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Our Growing for Wellbeing activity pack is suitable for families, schools, nurseries, colleges, youth clubs, businesses and care homes. The pack contains really fun and easy makes you can do both in the class room, kitchen, garden or office space.

The pack has been designed to be perfect for all teaching staff, with full how to guides and National Curriculum details. Getting creative whist linking to Maths, Science, Literary, PSHE and Art.

If you would like to receive a glossy paper copy of the pack in the post which includes a set of exclusive stickers, please send a £9.50 donation to Life at No.27 by clicking below. This cost includes postage.

When we receive your order notification, I will email you your resource pack or contact you for your postal address.

More activities and child friendly guides on how to grow your own food can be found in the YOU CAN grow your own food book. Available to order now with Waterstones, WHSmiths, Amazon, Foyles and Blackwells.

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