Life at No.27 is supported by a family of amazing brands, who are just as passionate about getting people in to gardening and making a difference in the world.

The team of incredible scientists behind the Empathy logo are the true UK kings and predominantly queens of mycorrhizal fungi; which I am totally fascinated by, as you know. The name Empathy says it all, don’t you think we all need to have a little more empathy in our lives day to day.
We share a joint goal to change the world in our own way – agriculture for them and mental health for me.

In official words, PlantWorks UK, produces biological solutions for gardening, horticulture, agriculture and are the only UK company to grow mycorrhizal fungi.

The well-known and much-loved family run business have given me the most wonderful opportunity, by offering to support the social enterprise throughout 2019 by donating 50p from the sale of five popular varieties of seeds.

Beetroot ‘Boston’, Carrot ‘Sugarsnax 54’ F1 Hybrid, Pea ‘Alderman’, Salad Rocket ‘Astra’ and Tomato ‘Black Cherry’ are all included. By simply buying these super tasty and easy to grow varieties their customers and hopefully you, will be contributing to building the enterprise. Helping to deliver programmes that are truly meaningful and providing an opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of many people of all ages.