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Our clients and followers are our biggest supporters and advocates, so I wanted to share their words:

Garden therapy with Annabelle is helping me to express my thoughts and feelings by giving me a calm, safe place without judgement, to open up and be honest with myself. It has given me the courage and clarity to make really significant changes in my life, and ongoing support to navigate any difficulties and maintain the positives. As someone who has tried CBT and talking therapy but felt awkward being face to face with a stranger in a therapy room, seeing Annabelle in the garden is a different experience. Annabelle puts me at ease and having the fresh air, plants, birds, mindful tasks like planting seeds, weeding, touching and smelling the herbs, takes away all my self-consciousness and allows me to think, feel and speak freely.

Anonymous, Brackley 1-2-1 client

Since gaining a small allotment at ‘Life at No.27’ my mental health and general well being has never been so good. The opportunity to work with a piece of land and turn it into a sustainable food source has been fantastic. I have planted and sowed seeds and week by week watched them turn into a full meal for my family and I. It has given me headspace and perspective which no medication could and I am so grateful for this. To have this taken away undoes all the work many of us have put in to come this far not only on our allotments but also our mental health. I sincerely hope we find somewhere soon so that we are able to rebuild what we started.

Anonymous, Life at No.27 allotment holder.

“Thank you, I now have a safe place outside which I didn’t have before.

Anonymous, Life at No.27 allotment holder.

Meeting Annabelle and joining the Life at No.27 programme changed the course of my life, and I will forever be grateful for her and her team for being there for me when I felt unheard and alone. Life at No.27 was pivotal for me. I have a long way to go on my mental health journey, but knowing she will always be there if I ever needed her again, is comfort enough to try to work through life’s challenges.”

You can read their full testimonial here.

Anonymous, Life at No.27 allotment holder.

“Gardening is not something I have ever given much thought to but after the session with Annabelle, I have gone and bought myself some plants and I think I might become a gardener! Thank you!”

Counter Terrorism and Met Police officer as part of their Wellbeing Week workshop sessions.

“Thank you for your talk! It was very interesting, and I know our members learnt a lot and were inspired towards positive mental health action.”

Friends of Cruickshank Botanic Garden

“You and your story were my inspiration to start my veg growing journey 3 years ago. Watching you push yourself to help yourself overcome and manage your anxiety and using that passion and experience to help others is so encouraging and motivating. 

A massive well done for all your hard work and your determination to make things happen. You’re so brave! 

Happy sowing and growing!”


I have never believed in myself – hearing your talk today made me believe I can achieve anything”

Isabelle, age 8

“It is because of you that I got an allotment”


“I’m happy to get involved, to support you and your cause because it’s something I believe in and wish I’d had access to when the medication and therapy didn’t work”

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