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Digging and weeding….Day 1

Wow, its been a chilly weekend, but definitely starting to feel Christmassy.

I managed another 2 hours at No.27 this morning, luckily my family are superstars and all came and helped me get started.
My dad built a ladder out of some spare wood I had in the shed, so we could climb on top and nail on some new roof felt to make it water tight.
Next job was to put the lock on the shed, which was luckily just straight forward screwing.
It’s still needs some more work, but now have a safe shed to start storing things I need up there. Won’t keep my main tools in there though as I have been warned against it.

Time to start digging and weeding…

This was a full on family effort, its appears that the soil is wet clay soil full of weeds and couch grass roots, this job could take a while…what have I done?! haha. On the plus side, there was lots of worms which is a great sign 😊
We managed to get a section of just over 2m x 1m dug and started weeding, still needs raking and weeding through a few times to get it clear.

The above photo shows the size of the plot, especially as you can’t see the section we dug which is to the right of the gate.
Have got metres of weed suppressant membrane arriving tomorrow, so will get it down as soon as possible and leave it to start killing the weeds for me. Definitely need any help I can get.

Any tips welcome 🙂

Will be back at No.27 next weekend to do some more weeding and get the sheeting down.



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