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Christmas presents and the never ending roots

I thought I would I share with you the loves and loathes of my allotment over the festive period.

Let’s start with the loves:

My allotment Christmas presents – I love every single one of them and they are exactly what I wanted.
Personalised trug, camping gas stove and kettle, welly warmers, books and a RHS allotment notebook for lots of planning.

Now for the loathes…
This shouldn’t need any explaining for any other allotment owners.

If you happen to be reading my blog and thinking ‘Blimey, she is taking a long time to get her plot dug’. Well…you are cheeky and this is only from two fork fulls! I must of picked the worst corner to start in.
Luckily, the amount of nettles and their tedious roots appear to be slowly reducing the further along I get with the plot.

Would love to hear your loves and loathes of your allotment over the year or festive period.

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