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A Spuddy Good Day

2nd April 2016 – A day I will never forget, planting my first ever potatoes!

Due to bad weather my plans of joining the Easter potato planting tradition were scuppered. My fingers have been tightly crossed all this week, hoping for some luck and sunshine this weekend.
I woke up to the sun shining this morning and by midday, temperatures up to 17c.So no ‘jackets’ required, quite ironic as it was spud day.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Potato day has arrived!

After posting Time for a ‘Chit’ Chat back in February, a very kind friend messaged me and advised that her father in-law is a potato doctor and holds the highest yield of potatoes per acre in the UK record! Now this is one of those comments that causes a million and one questions popping into your mind at once…predominately..a what, how, why?!

But no…I have to stay cool…stay cool…

So I won’t give any of the tips and advice away because that would just be rude, let’s just say that my plans didn’t go ahead due to the scheduled rain this evening.

Four trenches to dig and 2kg of potatoes to plant, 1kg Charlotte and 1kg Sarpo Mira both from Dobies.

My method of researched madness:
– Dug all the trenches roughly 10cm deep, approx. 70cm between rows
– Heavy clay soil, so lined the trenches with a combination of compost and well rotted manure.
– Left the trenches to warm up for two hours
– Using a tape measure, I placed the potatoes in the trenches, chits upwards.
– Charlotte – 37cm apart, Sarpo Mira – 45 cm apart.
– Time to cross my fingers again and tuck them into bed…..nervous..
– All four trenches covered up, and towered to approximately 20cms
– Gently watered ahead of the forecasted rain

Job done!

This is the first time I have done any watering at No.27. It gave me a small insight into the watering challenge I have ahead to experience when the plot is in full swing and everything is growing.
Let’s say, I am very pleased the water trough is right near my plot.

Are you growing spuds? Planted yours yet?

2nd April is now officially Spud Day!

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