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Spring is HERE!!!

The Tête-á-Tête’s are flowering and the tulip bulbs are popping up through the soil… it can only mean one thing. Spring is here…finally!

During winter I worry that the towpath container garden doesn’t look that aesthetically pleasing to passers by and more like just a mass collection of totally random pots in some kind of order. But, the plants have had their winter nap, felt the sunshine alarm going off and realised that it’s time to get ready to shine! They are happy and so am I!

My many mint plants are starting to form new fragrant leaves – I think I have 15 different varieties now. I’m obsessed and totally proud. Do you think I could one day have the National Collection of Mint plants? Now that would be incredible, especially as I think there is over 130 varieties.

The greek oregano (origanum onites) is utterly divine – I saved the featured one above from my show garden last year. I had to keep one for myself whilst all the others have gone to the adult therapy site sensory garden.

My Peter Beales ‘Burgundy Ice‘ bush rose has new shoots forming – the flowers which arrive in about June/July are simply stunning. I’m very specific when it comes to roses and I made an agreement with myself that I would only buy one if it was instant love at first site. 2018 at BBC Gardeners’ World Live I found this beauty and haven’t seen one more beautiful since…in my view.

The fig tree has new buds forming but I’m also aware that it is desperate for a bigger pot. An urgent job on my to-do list. I really hope this is the year I get my first figs! Come on sun!

I adore the daffodils but I’m not sure if the hellebores are winning the current flower show and stealing my heart…just look at them! Hellebores are simply a thing of beauty, especially when they lift their heads with pride and shine. Perhaps it’s 50-50 – I better be fair if I want them to both stay looking fabulous, they might hear me or at least my vibrations.

Moving on to veg, I really want to start sowing seeds in the empty containers and my large trug, but I know it’s way too soon. So, I’m holding off for at least another month I think and still have planning to keep me busy in the meantime. Time to get my head stuck in the seed box!

I also need to get a move on and buy seed potatoes – I’m a little behind perhaps, but that doesn’t matter as come Summer, a week or two won’t make a difference.

Think that’s everything from the narrowboat garden for now, more life to shout about will be arriving very soon though I’m sure.

I’m missed writing these original style update blogs, time doesn’t always allow them to happen…the blog or personal gardening time. But I’ve managed it today and for that I’m pretty chuffed.

Happy growing lovelies x

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