Life at No.27 is a non-profit therapeutic organisation built with passion at its core and designed to improve lives.

Using nature and human connection to support anyone struggling with low confidence, self-esteem, isolation and mental ill health.

Enabling ownership and control, whilst building confidence, self-belief and inner purpose.

As someone who has tried CBT and talking therapy but felt awkward being face to face with a stranger in a therapy room, seeing Annabelle in the garden is a different experience. Annabelle puts me at ease and having the fresh air, plants, birds, mindful tasks like planting seeds, weeding, touching and smelling the herbs, takes away all my self-consciousness and allows me to think, feel and speak freely. It has given me the courage and clarity to make really significant changes in my life, and ongoing support to navigate any difficulties and maintain the positives

Adult 1-2-1 Client

It’s been great! It’s really boosted my confidence.”

Student – 13 years old