Life at No.27 positions joint horticultural therapy and counselling as an alternative, affordable therapy option for people of all ages to access via self referral, GPs, psychiatrists and local councils, through the use of bespoke allotment sites and outdoor spaces.

Across our locations, we provide group and 1-2-1 sessions, after school clubs, workshops and holiday activity days.

Where are we:

A recent quote from one of our adult allotment holders:
Since gaining a small allotment at ‘Life at No.27’ my mental health and general well being has never been so good. The opportunity to work with a piece of land and turn it into a sustainable food source has been fantastic. I have planted and sowed seeds and week by week watched them turn into a full meal for my family and I. It has given me head space and perspective which no medication could and I am so grateful for this.

Anonymous, Life at No.27 allotment holder

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