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Annabelle Padwick


Annabelle is the Founder of Life at No.27, as well as a successful freelance writer, blogger, vlogger, speaker and radio personality – using her fresh approach to promote the magic of gardening and Grow Your Own.

Inspiring more people, particularly the younger generation, to put down their phones and pick up a spade. Annabelle has become a regular face at events throughout the gardening calendar and hosts a monthly radio show where she shares her allotment journey, the latest in the gardening industry and top tasks each month.

Through her passion and energetic enthusiasm, she aims to change the way allotments and growing your own are viewed and bring a stroke of ‘highlight and contour’ to the gardening world.

Showing that gardening can change your life in so many ways, both mentally and physically – whilst keeping it simple, easy and more than anything fun.

Most importantly, she is now developing and building her UK wide vision for Life at No.27 – creating an allotment based support network to help change lives across the country, accessible through self referral, GP’s, psychiatrists and local councils.

Driving for a change from government to make gardening and ‘Grow Your Own’ in particular a prescribed therapy option for those suffering with mental ill heath, low confidence and loneliness. Actually…why drive the change, when you can create it?! That is Annabelle’s goal, vision and day to day mission.

Annabelle is also proud to be an Ambassador for Thrive, the UK National Charity which changes lives through gardening.


Read Annabelle’s personal story below, to understand why she has this utter passion and unquivering determination.

The Real About Me (March 2018):

Welcome to Life at No.27,

I am a 20-something year old, loving every step of my journey to believing in myself and learning to grow my own fresh vegetables and cut flowers.

I put my heart and soul in to Life at No.27 during every spare minute, whilst working full-time in the corporate world and having just finished studying for a degree at the same time too. I graduated in November 2017, wahoo!

On the 27th October 2015, at the age of 27, I became the official owner of plot No.27.

From 21, I battled heavily with anxiety, to a point where I was petrified to leave my front door. I went to a variety of doctors at the time but with no real success, so through my own determination to get better I came up with my own therapy/safety techniques to try help.

I lived in a rented flat and dreamed of having my own haven of fresh air and tranquillity that would encourage me to get back outside, but in baby steps. I had a deep urge to want to learn to grow my own produce. That might sound extreme, but that’s the only way I can explain it.

Roll to April 2015 –  I moved to the Oxfordshire countryside for a new start as I felt my progress had stalled; I put myself on the council allotment waiting list and started growing my own fruit and vegetables in pots and containers at home. I instantly fell in love with the growing process, it felt magical. Growing a tiny inconspicuous seed in to delicious produce I could enjoy was, and still is the best feeling – it made me start to believe in myself and made me wonder what else can I achieve.

After waiting for the right plot, the email arrived and No.27 was mine. At roughly 7.5m x 20m, my patch of paradise is certainly big enough for just me.

With minimal experience, a waist-high overgrown plot full of perennial weeds but bucket loads of enthusiasm and determination, I was excited but certainly apprehensive of the journey ahead.

‘Life at No.27’ is my highly enthusiastic and ever learning journey.

A journey of not only starting an allotment and becoming fully self-sufficient, but most importantly, my life long journey to believing in myself and a true calling to help and inspire others struggling with mental health issues. If this is you, get help here.

Gardening can change your life and I’m here to prove it, whilst making it accessible and achievable for all ages.

I hope you enjoy the blog and my ramblings.

You can also follow me on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on Drystone Radio.

Happy Gardening,



9 thoughts on “Meet the Team

  1. Camilla Stacey says:

    Hi Annabelle,

    I hope this finds you well. My name’s Camilla, and i’m part of the Waltons blog team. We’ve been reading a lot of allotment blogs lately- I really liked your post about the teeny frogs you ‘installed’ in your wildlife pond

    In fact, we liked your blog so much we’ve featured it in our ‘Allotment Blogs’ round-up for National Allotment Week (this week).

    I hope it’s ok to use a picture in the review- if you have one you’d like us to use please feel free to send it along.

    I’ll be sure to let you know when the post goes live.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments- it’s always good to hear back from our featured bloggers.

    All the very best,


    Liked by 1 person

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Hi Camilla, lovely to hear from you. I am so pleased you have enjoyed my blog posts in particularly the frog one! Thank you very much!
      I’m hoping to do another plot update tomorrow myself for National Allotment Week.
      Of course I am happy for you to use a picture, were you looking for anything in particular? Happy for you to take any from my Instagram and Twitter feeds or I can email you one.
      If you could let me know when it’s live that would be amazing too so I can re-share it with my followers. My email address is or happy for you to direct message me on any platforms.
      I look forward to hearing from you and thank you once again! Annabelle


  2. David Hinckley says:

    Hi Annabelle
    We met briefly at Glee, loved your presentation. I promised that myself and the team at Boxwood Gardens would be only to happy to help out with your endeavours in anyway we could. please feel free to take us up on our offer 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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