2020 was planned to be truly exciting year – bringing a selection of exciting, new talks and workshops for both children and adults to many shows across the UK. Of course with the current situation, we have had to put some plans to one side for this year, but a few shows are still going ahead so come see us if you can.

We have Grow with Belle for little ones, Natural Beauty and Wellbeing for adults, Fungi and Plants for everyone and of course, the most open, honest and apparently inspiring story; Growing for Wellbeing.

3 – 9th June – National Growing for Wellbeing Week

5 – 6th September – The Belvoir Flower and Garden Festival – Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire
  – Book tickets to visit, hear my talk and take part in my children’s workshops.

There will be a few visits I can’t mention until the day as I have to keep some under wraps, so look out for those on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.