New shoots

When you step outside for your daily exercise or to do your essential shopping, how many spring bulb shoots can you see popping up through the soil? Slow down your pace and allow your eyes to look around. Daffodils? Snowdrops? All getting ready to bloom and show their beautiful flowers! These bulbs will have been … Continue reading New shoots

Forage and cook: Wild Garlic Mustard and Sweetcorn Fritters

Fancy some foraging and cooking right now? How about making delicious sweetcorn and wild garlic mustard fritters?! There is so much wild garlic mustard growing right now, especially in shady woodlands and along hedgerows. As you can see below, it grows along the hedgerow of the canal towpath alongside two other delicious edibles, nettles and … Continue reading Forage and cook: Wild Garlic Mustard and Sweetcorn Fritters

Spring is HERE!!!

The Tête-á-Tête's are flowering and the tulip bulbs are popping up through the soil... it can only mean one thing. Spring is here...finally! During winter I worry that the towpath container garden doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing to passers by and more like just a mass collection of totally random pots in some kind of … Continue reading Spring is HERE!!!