A day of Excitement and feeling slightly overwhelmed…Part 1

Today has certainly been filled with excitement and slight anxiety….

After a trip to my local garden centre for lunch and a browse, I came home and harvested my first carrots which I have grown in containers since the Summer. I bought the seeds through a surprise bundle offer with The Telegraph and Thompson & Thompson, F1 Purple Sun and F1 Cosmic Purple.


After recently reading many other blogs and allotment posts, I was very excited but also nervous about how well mine had turned out. I have seen lots of photo’s of funny shaped carrots and posts of minimal success, so didn’t know what would be beneath the soil.
Success! My first attempt I am really pleased and proud, no funny shapes or problems. I will update you on the taste later when I have them for tea. Fingers crossed!

Whilst I was outside I checked up on my trough, everything is looking beautiful. I still get excited every time I notice them growing.
From left to right: Mixed lettuce, Radicchio, Carrots – Ideal, Turnips – Atlantic and Purple Spouting Broccoli.
image1 (003) image2 (004)
In August I planted all the seeds and plants and went on holiday, came back after a week and my Purple Sprouting Broccoli were attacked by Cabbage White Butterfly and caterpillars. I was gutted and left with just the stems, so off I ran to my trusted expert Andy at the Garden Centre to get advice. After covering them with netting since I am really pleased to see that they are finally fighting back now, yippee!!

Will be back for Part 2……

4 thoughts on “A day of Excitement and feeling slightly overwhelmed…Part 1

  1. livingwithbelle says:

    Thank you, really appreciate you commenting! Immediately after harvesting I was worried as there was a lot of root on them, but was assured by an allotment page on Facebook that this was normal. It seems a lot of people have had difficulties growing carrots this year, so really pleased. Hopefully will have the same luck next year in the allotment and not a container x

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