A day of excitement and feeling slightly overwhelmed….Part 2

After the excitement of harvesting carrots and the progress in the garden, I thought I would head to No.27 to have a further look around the plot, see what’s already there and introduce myself to my neighbours.

image3 (005)        image2 (006)
I met Bob and his wife, who’s plot backs on to mine, lovely couple. We discussed how best to attack my overgrown plot, and agreed that digging vs rotavating was the way forward. It will be a much longer process but hopefully save a lot of hard work, problems and weeding in the future.

The process can look quite daunting if you overthink what’s ahead (I have an annoying habit of over-thinking), luckily I have a family member helping and sharing the plot with me. We will get there and get at least half the plot ready for Spring. Hopefully all of it though…

The plan ahead:
1. Strim the whole plot
2. Create a central path through the middle from the shed to the gate
3. Section the plot in quarters and cover each other with black sheeting
4. Dig each section at a time and cover in manure
5. Leave all sections until the New Year for the Manure to work it’s way into the soil.

After all that, I will start work on turning the shed (pictured) into a beautiful home from home where I can pot plants, and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of well earned cake…

image3 (006)
Heading home now to plan my seeds for next Spring, work on my draft Uni assignment which is due in tomorrow and get dinner cooking so I can try my purple variety carrots. No rest for success…

Wish me luck…… x

8 thoughts on “A day of excitement and feeling slightly overwhelmed….Part 2

  1. Sarah says:

    This is just how we started, I’m planning on having the whole plot in action this spring. Enjoy the journey xx

  2. Allotment adventures with Jean says:

    You plans for your allotment make absolute sense to me.
    I agree with digging. That way you get the weeds out and not chop them up and multiply them if you use a machine.
    Can’t beat a load of manure on your soil to really get it working.

    • livingwithbelle says:

      I am glad you agree with my method, it’s hard work but totally worth it I think. I have a huge pile of manure at the front of my plot that will last me at this year and next probably

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