Dismal Day Progress and my first Wellingtons

Terrorist attacks in Paris, Gatwick Airport evacuated and gloomy weather….what a dismal day!

That’s enough negativity for anyone, so on to the positives….we have progress!!

9:30am this morning I was up and at No.27 to start work on the plot before the downpour came.
Within an 1hr 30mins we managed to put a strimmer through all the grass and mark out a path and sections using some large sticks we found on the roof of the shed. I love the idea/look of having path going straight from the gate to the shed, and think it will look lovely once all the sections are dug over and weeded.
No.27 looks so much better and happier already!

Here is the before and after:
IMG_63151    progress2
The rain started hitting hard and I had other jobs to do so that was enough for today.
Next job…lunch and shopping at the Garden Centre. Fuelled my cold with chicken and vegetable soup, bought a rake so I can collect up all the cuttings tomorrow morning and picked my first pair of wellingtons. I love them and I got a free pair of fleece lined boot sox!

I’m off now to finish my cup of tea and read the latest edition of Grow your own magazine.

Thank you to all my new followers and……Happy Gardening x

7 thoughts on “Dismal Day Progress and my first Wellingtons

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you very much, luckily I have a friend helping me get it ready in exchange for half the plot 😊 It definitely looks less daunting now, lots of slowly forking it over and weeding next.

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you very much. Went back at 9am this morning and raked the whole plot for 1hr 30, knackered! Think I might be able to cancel my gym membership at this rate and spend the money on gardening bits haha 😊

      • Plots, pots and plums says:

        Digging my plot keeps me super fit so I think you’re probably right on the gym membership! My mum’s 71 and lost loads of weight helping me out up there. Sunday is my one lie in of the week, so no 9am return to the plot today.

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