Planting times and my Xmas list

If you are unsure about sowing and planting times, and also what you can grow together, check out this website: It’s amazing! A member of one of the allotment Facebook pages I follow suggested the website, and it is the best I have seen! It’s not fancy looking but answered so many questions I had and that’s what you want.
In the top right hand corner it’s says last predicted frost date, click there then scroll down and select the nearest town to you on the drop down list. Click on the link at the bottom of the next page and choose what fruit and veg you want to grow, then click confirm again.

You now have a full list of how and when to sow and plant everything you want to grow month by month! All based on where you live and for free too!! At the bottom it also splits into rotation plots, bonus!

My Xmas List

There seems to be lots of discussions starting regarding allotmenteer Xmas lists, which made me think what I would put on mine:

  • Camping Gas Stove – so I can have a hot cuppa and cake in between digging
  • A Trug to carry home my produce by loldeantimber on eBay – you can design them yourself so would have No.27 painted on mine and maybe polka dots.
  • Heated Propagator – to get my seeds started off before planting
  • Dungarees – an allotment essential in my eyes
  • Finally…some beautiful enamel mugs to keep in the shed

What is on your Christmas list?


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