Sewing, Preserving and Baking

Whilst we are talking about Awards, in October this year I was honoured to receive a Gold Award at work for my hard work and dedication.

Yesterday, I thought I would make the most of the ‘Black Friday’ sales by treating myself to some retail therapy courtesy of the award’s monetary value.
There was two things I have wanted for a very long time…a new sewing machine and preserve making equipment.sewing.jpg

I am now the very happy and proud owner of both 🙂 Here is my beauty of a sewing machine, with 20% off the price I decided to also purchase some kits to make my own Christmas decorations.
Once I finish writing my Uni assignment, I can then focus on also making more Christmas bottle waistcoats and pocket tissue holders on my new machine.

Reading town centre was filled with way too many people for my anxiety levels, so I escaped as soon as I could.

My parents bought me a book round in the afternoon that they had picked up in a charity shop called ‘A little Light Weeding’. I couldn’t help but chuckle. I haven’t read it properly, but looks a mixture of recipes, gardening advice and poems including ‘Rhubarb Ted’:

I knew a funny little man,
His name was Rhubarb Ted,
They called him that because he wore,
Rhubarb on his head.

I’d grown so used to this strange sight,
The cause I did not seek,
But then one day to my surprise,
I saw he wore a leek.

I asked him if he’d please explain,
And let me know the reason,
He said ‘I’m wearing leek because
Rhubarb’s out of season!’


Finally I made some finely spiced Christmas biscuits from a Waitrose magazine recipe, I tweaked the oven temperature and cooking time after the first batch and they were delicious…still about 25 left too!


No.27 update coming soon…in the meantime…..

Happy Sewing and Baking everyone  x

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