Cinnamon Vodka and Weed Membrane


I forgot to add the last segment of my Christmas preparation festivities…Cinnamon Vodka!

I recently saw a post on Instagram from a lovely lady who had already started making her bottle and I thought as a cinnamon addict, I have to try making it myself!

The thought of it mixed with steaming apple juice on a frosty Winter’s evening….mmmm…sounds and probably smells like heaven to me.

Right…back to my progress and Life at No.27…

Britain’s unpredictable weather never used to bother…until I got an allotment!

I dodged the rain but couldn’t avoid the stormy winds this morning. 10 am I was up at No.27 determined to at least get the weed membrane pinned down so it can get to work and help kills the weeds off whilst I carry on working backwards, digging and weeding the beds I am going to create.

Job done, 3m x 25m covered! Bonus job done too…managed to build a border around the back of my first bed, will be 2m sq when I finish 🙂

I’m off out now, back into the stormy weather for a delicious homemade roast dinner. Let’s hope my membrane doesn’t blow away!




2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Vodka and Weed Membrane

  1. Plots, pots and plums says:

    Your vodka sounds tasty. I make wine from any fruit we can’t eat or freeze. It’s dead easy and tastes great. with your sheeting really long tent pegs and plenty of weight along any edges or joins between sheets is needed otherwise you’ll find it on someone else’s plot. I speak from experience!

    • livingwithbelle says:

      My dad makes lots of wine, it’s delicious but lethal haha.
      Thank you, it’s one big sheet. Put nearly 100 6″ pegs down the edges and the middle then 5 bricks I found in the shed evenly spread out. Fingers crossed the weight of it will keep it down too x

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