Christmas Cuddle in a Glass – Hot Apple & Cinnamon Vodka

After receiving a recipe request from the lovely Lauren at hole food family (ps. check out her fab blog), I thought why not share it with you all.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had made a bottle of cinnamon vodka as part of my Christmas preparations. Well after leaving it to do it’s thing, it was time to try it out with some steaming organic apple juice.

Here is how you can create your own warming Christmas Cuddle in a Glass:

1 x latte style tall glass (I need to buy a set of these)
1 x glass of Organic Apple Juice (ps. non-organic is allowed)
1 x
as much cinnamon vodka as you like
1 x small pan

Step 1 – Pour the apple juice into the pan and heat until steaming
Step 2 – Decanter the cinnamon vodka into the glass
Step 3 – Pour the steaming apple juice over the vodka
Step 4 – If you are feeling extra fancy, give the cuddle a stir with a fresh cinnamon stick.
Step 5 – Enjoy by a fire and/or Christmas tree whilst doing your favourite hobby or in the bath 🙂

Pretty simple and oh so delicious!

PS..15 days until Santa arrives



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