Blow me over….it’s Windy!

Anyone for some free Couch Grass and Nettle roots?

I have loads! Managed to fill up two of these containers this morning in two hours, and no I didn’t clear the whole plot. This was only in a space of 2m wide x 2 fork widths! It is never ending but I will not be beaten!

‘Weed – a herb that Providence has planted in the wrong place’

I certainly agree, No.27 was the wrong place.

Ideally I would of like to of had the whole day at No.27 today as the weather forecast was dry and the ground was relatively good. But I gave myself only two hours as I have a University assignment due in on Monday, which has to take priority.
Hoping for good weather next weekend so I can get some proper time up there and more weeding done.

Back to the title now I have shared my frustration…Wow…it was windy! (Windswept photo below)
Luckily I didn’t see too much damage on the other plots, and also not many other allotmenteers…guess they were all keeping warm or Christmas shopping.
I hope everyone’s plots and gardens are holding up! On the forums I visit, many others seemed to have been hit hard with fences falling, greenhouse glass breaking and shed’s collapsing, must be heart breaking after all the hard work building them.

I need to get cracking on my assignment again, so stay safe and happy gardening everyone! x

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