Windy Win’day

What a beautiful, slightly chilly day.

Every so often I am lucky to work from home which saves a 1hr 20min commute each way to work. Even less often I am lucky that the sunshine is also shining, so today was win, win!
Which meant only one thing, a quick lunchtime trip to No.27. I am very grateful on days like this when time is precious that my plot is only a couple of minutes drive away.

I normally love a chat with my plot neighbours but was quite pleased today when there was nobody around as I knew I could just crack on and make the most of time.

Managing to finally buy some graph paper last night, the first thing I did today was get more accurate measurements of the beds and paths so I can start planning in detail.
I currently have the small raspberry cane area, then two 3 x 2.6m beds with a 40cm path in between. Followed by a further 8 metres left to dig on the right hand side in time for Spring and sowing. “Eeekkk…! I only have two hands!” (slight panic moment)

Second job on the list was to rake over the beds I have done so far, pull out any remaining weeds then cover them both with a thin layer of gold or more precisely smelly manure.



PS. This is my pretty mug I got at the weekend perfect for a cuppa at No.27.



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