A load of waffle….

I have lived in Oxfordshire for nearly a year now but until last weekend had never visited or at least do not recall visiting any of the nearby gardens or historical attractions.

My parents would probably tell you otherwise and that as a child I visited all of them. I spent my whole childhood outside walking for miles, climbing trees, paddling in rivers, and getting lost and dodging skulls on the moors of Devon plus every other possible type of childhood exploring.
Moors of Devon you ask? Yes, that is where I spent our childhood holidays, not Spain or even Butlins, but the cold temperatures of Cornwall and Devon. Hiking, getting lost on the moors, drinking hot drinks out of a flask and visits to Tavistock indoor market and the highest town on Dartmoor, Princetown. (I loved Princetown as a child, bit weird I know)
My dad still to this day says that he always knew where we were going when hiking but I’m not convinced, especially when it was thick fog sometimes and you could only just see your feet.
Might sound like the worst holidays ever, probably do to most children and even adults, including me when I was freezing cold and started getting a teenage attitude problem.
But, I wouldn’t change a day because it is those holidays and memories that have created who I am today. You will never find me glued to a television or computer console, or find me sitting still for more than 30 minutes, it’s just not me. I am outdoors as much as possible and at my happiest when I am or in front of the fire with a cuppa and a magazine.
If I have children I will ensure that they are brought up to be the same, it is too rare these days in my opinion.

That was a rather long tangent and waffle, sorry. Back to what I was supposed to be telling you about…Blenheim Palace.
I will make this short now so you don’t get bored and click back before getting to the end.

Last Sunday, I visited the beautiful place that is Blenheim Palace. We warmed up in the Butterfly house before the 4.6 mile walk of the park perimeter and finished the day off with a hot chocolate and half a slice of ginger cake.

If you haven’t been before and live close enough you definitely should. They hold their annual Flower Show on 17th – 19th June, which I will definitely be visiting. Come along too!
I’m really looking forward to walking through the Lavender Garden and seeing how the park transforms in the Summer, especially now I have my annual pass.

Have you been? What’s your favourite place to visit?

5 thoughts on “A load of waffle….

  1. TheDigger says:

    A butterfly house is definitely a good place to visit this time of year! Not much colour going on outside yet.

    I’ve got a list of gardens I want to visit this year. My children are still young enough to drag anywhere without too much complaining, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

  2. Flighty says:

    A nice load of waffle! I used to go to Cornwall a lot but not Devon, and been to Blenheim Palace a few times.
    I’m undecided as to what’s my favourite place to visit but it would certainly be here in the UK, perhaps Dorset.
    Have a good weekend. xx

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you Mike! I went of tangent but then quite liked it so thought the title was apt even though not very descriptive.
      There is so many beautiful places in the UK! My nan lives in Dorset, it’s a beautiful place and also holds lots of childhood memories for me.
      Thank you, and you. Lots of sowing for me and hopefully some digging 🙂

  3. Brambles & Twine says:

    Oh my I love Princetown too. We used to holiday in Cornwall and it was always really atmospheric when we drove through Princetown and saw the imposing Dartmoor Prison. Had a isolated feeling but intriguing all at the same time 🙂 Blenheim Palace was great too the one time I’ve been there.

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