Keep digging and drink tea

After 4 1/2 chilly hours up at No.27 yesterday….it’s official…the allotment essentials have been confirmed…a camping stove and a whistling kettle!

These were both on my Christmas list luckily including the links of course, and after yesterday I am so glad they were. I finally got to put them to the test and what a cracking cuppa they made on a cold and windy day!

Before I headed to No.27, I quickly popped to the Wallingford Allotment and Garden Society (WAGS) to renew my membership, £4 for the year, you can’t say no! For me it’s an opportunity to meet other local allotmenteers , get a couple of bargains hopefully and potentially enter the annual show.

First thing to do then and in true ‘Lavender and Leeks’ style was to pop the kettle on and warm up before I started digging. It didn’t take me long, approximately 10 seconds to decide that when you have a long session ahead, this is best way to start.

In case you want the links, the stove and kettle are both on Amazon and absolute bargains! Treat yourself or hint away to your nearest and dearest.

4 hours and another tea break later, I was officially red nosed and knackered! Time for another hot drink and slice of well earned Victoria Sponge cake at my favourite café, followed by a cheeky bit of vintage shopping and a present for N0.27.


There is no deep thinking message in this post, thought I would give you a break after the last two and just say “keep digging and drink tea”
Oh….whilst you there throw in a cheeky biscuit, ideally with chocolate on.

I’m off to visit Blenheim Palace for the first time now and a 5 mile walk around the grounds, so have a great day and happy gardening xx


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  1. Flighty says:

    Good to see you’ve got your priorities right. Well done on belonging to the local Garden Society, and nice to see you thinking about the annual show.
    I hope that you enjoy your walk round Blenheim palace grounds. Thanks, and you too. xx

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