Germinating Dreams

I have so many dreams for No.27 and also many other aspects of my life. I do wonder sometimes if I am relying on miracles with the amount I take on but really it’s all about passion, dedication and lots of blooming hard work. That goes for allotment dreams and any others.

My little sowed dreams are off to a good start, my Thompson & Morgan Sweet Peas ‘Scented Mix’ and Suttons Onion ‘Bedfordshire Champion’ seeds have started germinating.

I am already in love with my Sweet Pea seedlings, it’s the beauty and detail of them at only a few days old. Although the process is seen as simple, there is something so fascinating to me about planting a little seed, nurturing them and watching them grow.
If you are growing your seedlings on a windowsill, once they start to appear you should rotate the tray on a daily basis to ensure that they get even sunlight and don’t all lean in one direction begging for sun.



The Suttons Onion ‘Bedfordshire Champion’ seeds also appear to be off to a good start. I am unsure if they are supposed to look how they do especially the loop. Would be interested to hear your thoughts.


My Thompson & Morgan Pepper ‘Peperoncino Ciliegia Piccante’ seeds haven’t germinated yet which is a little concerning. I started them on a windowsill but I have moved them into my newly bought heated propagator so I am going to hold out a little bit longer before I ditch them and start again.

I am hoping to sow my tomato and flowers seeds in the next couple of weeks too, alongside lots more digging, working hard and writing my next uni assignment.
Don’t forget the essential cups of tea and slices of cake either, I will rely on these to get me through.

Plant Dreams, Grow Miracles and Create Realities…


26 thoughts on “Germinating Dreams

  1. Richard and Simon says:

    Nice post, you have a really poetic turn of phrase. The leaves on your onion look completely normal. Last year we grew shallots and they looked just like that. I was really worrying about them for a couple of months as they just didn’t fill out. In the end we got quite a good crop but much later than the shallot sets

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you very much! Oh I’m glad that the onions look normal, I appreciate the confirmation 😊 I never thought that it would be a loop. As its my first year, I thought I would try seed and sets to compare, just playing really haha

  2. plot34 says:

    Looking good. That loop thing is usual for onions, they will sort themselves out. Same for peppers, they’ll be awake in no time now you’ve warm up their bottoms.

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you! Funny how you should say that, went to check on them this morning and some of the onions have ‘un-bended’ themselves and the chilli peppers are showing signs of actions 😊

  3. allotmentliz says:

    I do like how you write. The onions look fine, and don’t give up on the peppers, some germinate quickly, and others like to take a REALLY long time! I had some sitting in a pot for over a month last year, thought the seeds were duds. Luckily I forgot to chuck them out, and they eventually started growing. I put peppers and tomatoes in in January to give them a head start, if I see nothing by March I start those again. Patience is key, and something I don’t have much of when I’m waiting for spring 🙂

  4. Steve Quack says:

    Hello again Belle
    Richard and Simon are right, there is a poet in there trying to emerge just like your onion seedlings.
    Onion seed leaf first appear to bend and bow on germination. They are monocotyledons and their growing tips are ‘shy’ as they emerge from their seed coat and get trapped allowing their young first shoot to grow gracefully just like a ballet dancers legs.
    Oh there may be a poet in me too?
    Don’t worry, they will soon stand erect and in many cases the black seed case will be extended upwards to the sky
    Before dropping off.

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Hi Steve, thank you! I love how you describe it as gracefully and like ballet dancers 😊
      Woke up this morning and checked on them, some of them have started to slowly un-bend now

  5. theveganveggardeners says:

    Great little update 😊. I remember the onion seedlings unfolding themselves eventually. Clever little things. Pepper seeds are always a little lazy compared to the others. Mine are taking their time too, and they’re in a heated propagator!

  6. Flighty says:

    A good title for a nice post and pictures. I never cease to be surprised when I see seeds appear, and yes your onions look fine. Happy gardening. xx

  7. Richard Chivers says:

    Lovely post Belle! It’s lovely to finally see things come to life – promises of things to come! Hope you have managed to enjoy some time at the plot. The weather has been great for digging 🙂

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you! It certainly is, gets me excited! Managed to get up there today in my lunch break and get some digging done and might try do another hour after work, it’s just trying to do it amongst work and uni assignment writing at the moment. Finish uni in July fingers crossed so need to focus until then. It certainly is beautiful weather at the moment!

      • Richard Chivers says:

        I know how hard it can be. I did a degree while working full time. I completed 18 months ago and it was a huge relief and wonderful to have so much more time to do other things. Good luck with it over the next few months. You can enjoy the summer on the plot then 😀

      • livingwithbelle says:

        Well done on finishing, I bet it certainly was. I can’t wait to have it done so I can focus on other things.
        Thank you! Exactly, get the exam out of the way then it’s full steam ahead on the plot. Can’t wait to get the shed painted and decorated inside, one of the many exciting summer jobs. Have the paint already haha 😀

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