Life at No.27 goes to print – Thank you

I want to start by saying thank you to each and everyone of you that follows me on here, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and/or by tuning in to Drystone Radio.
Your support, advice and encouragement is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Not long ago you will remember I went for a mini-break away to a farm retreat to unwind from work, uni and technology. We arrived safely and my phone pinged with a message, but not any old message that you can just forget about and lock your phone away. Within a second any chance of me switching off my brain vanished and excitement kicked in. This excitement and my imagination going into overdrive did not stop the whole time away.
To be honest I would be kidding to myself and lying to you, if I said I can normally switch off anyway. I find it impossible, always too many ideas running round in my head and not enough time.
So what did this message say? Well I can’t go into detail but here is the end result of the conversation; something I could never of imagined a year ago and more recently only dreamed about.

A full page feature in the July issue of the UK’s leading kitchen garden magazine, Grow your own. It is out now in all leading supermarkets and newsagents, so get your hands on a copy!
When my copy arrived on the doorstep, I had never felt so nervous and excited at the same time, it was like Christmas had come early. Open it, don’t open it, leave it and cook the dinner, I couldn’t even think straight.
I am so happy and proud of how it turned out, it truly represents myself and Life at No.27.

The feature has only been out a couple of days I have been overwhelmed by the kind messages I have received including one saying that I have inspired them to keep going with their allotment, do it at their pace and not give up. This message and every single other one mean everything to me and are the reason I share my journey.
To inspire, encourage and support all ages, both newbie and experienced allotmenteers and gardeners. Whether at school, in your garden or at an allotment grow your own is fun and possible for anyone.

If it wasn’t for your support (plus a lot of hard work) this wouldn’t of happened, so THANK YOU!

I have so many other plans, hopes and dreams for Life at No.27 both on the plot and digitally. As I always say, a girl can dream! You never know, maybe one or two may come true too.

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    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you very much! I would say stand the bamboo in two rows opposite each other spaced roughly 40cms part and 20-30cms between canes. Bring each pair together at the top and tie them using string. Once all the pairs are tied add another bamboo cane lying across the top all of them and secure that with more string. Finally add a few diagonals for additional support and secure them. Hope that helps!

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