Juggling in June

Do you ever find yourself juggling for time? Unless you are extremely lucky, I am sure we all do. Whether it’s the allotment, work, university, housework, family, pets, there is always something.
June is certainly turning out to be my busiest month so far, the plot is changing daily, work is at its peak and I have a uni submission due in on Sunday before my final exam (fingers crossed) on the 19th July. I am also getting the results for another paper this Friday, so my anxiety levels are not doing great.
Just remember you are not alone! I am on a weeks annual leave and still find myself doing one thing or another until just now when I thought no, its time to stop. We all have to do it, pour a glass of wine, get your favourite food treat and relax in hot aromatherapy oil bath.

Now I am feeling slightly more relaxed…so what I have been up to since last week?

My ‘Swift’ sweetcorn was planted out; 16 plants in total placed in a block to aid pollination, spacing each plant 40cms apart, so 120cm sq in total.
Next up to go in was my four ‘Sweet Dumpling’ Squash sown also from seed. After hardening off I planted these in the big intrusive mound that ruins all my photos. You can’t of missed it! Hopefully the squash will cover the membrane for me over the Summer whilst the weed riddled soil underneath breaks down. That’s the plan anyway! I just cut four crosses, filled the holes with manure then added the plants.
Monday I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Willis @Marksvegplot, a fellow blogger who was extremely kind to give me a set of net hoops that were happy to go to a new home. I love meeting people I talk to on a daily basis online. As Mark said, you could talk to someone for years to then only find out they don’t live to far away. So it’s great to put a face to a name as they say. I certainly recommend you check out his blog, it is full of great stories and tips!
Yesterday I went water plant shopping, a first for me! After some phoning around I finally managed to find a great garden centre that still had quite a selection; Toad Hall Garden Centre in Henley. Have you ever been before? Its amazing! It has the biggest selection of plants I have ever seen and in such beautiful grounds. Apparently they provide bedding plants for Blenheim Palace; being a massive fan and annual pass holder for the palace I loved this little fact.
I told myself that I would limit myself to 3 plants and I did! Are you impressed?
I skipped away from the till very happily with a small bunch of Elodea Crispa, a Purple Japanese clematis flowered iris and a Water mint. According to their labels they should flower at the same time and I think will look great with the cosmos in the background. Also, attracting lots of wildlife to my plot of tranquillity.
What else have I been up to?  So today, before the rain and lightning arrived I spent the first 3 hours of the day at No.27, finishing off the pond, adding the pebbles, the rockery and finally the plants.
I also planted out my back up runner beans, sowed another row of carrots, weeded the beds and gave everything a quick look over. Give it a few days and I will be lifting up my first ever crop of Charlotte potatoes.


Are you feeling the same juggling pressures or have you found a magical way to overcome them? Do you have a routine to fit in ‘down time’ or ‘me time’? I would love to know any secrets!

I could tell you so much more about my week so far but I am off to the land of nod now. Really looking forward to visiting the Blenheim Palace Flower Show on Friday, which won the toss up over Gardeners World Live. Will be full of lots of inspiration I am sure plus some great grow your own talks taking place. Are you going?

Happy Gardening x


9 thoughts on “Juggling in June

  1. MrsCraft says:

    Our plot is incredibly muddy right now so we haven’t been as much as I’d like as the kids just get muddy but not in the fun kind of way. It’s a challenge to balance everything but luckily I find it all good fun. I like the idea of planting in the weed mound. Ours is near where we park the car and my reversing is a bit too haphazard for me to risk planting there!

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Oh I do find it lots of fun too that’s why I do it and it’s my escape but can be hard work too. I’m not good at just stopping and doing nothing.
      Another lady on my site suggested the mound idea and seems to make sense to make use of the space. Haha, think i would be the same!

  2. Mark Willis says:

    Sounds like Friday is going to be a “significant” day for you. I hope you get good marks for your paper – and not too many new plants from Blenheim! As regards managing time, I find that having my garden close at hand is a big advantage over having an allotment, because I can do jobs whenever I like, without any need for forward planning – I nip out into the garden to do things maybe 6 or 7 times a day! Thanks for the mention, btw.

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you, just want it to hurry up now as my anxiety is driving me bonkers 🙂 can’t wait for Blenheim though, I do love it there, the grounds are so relaxing.
      Yes, you are very lucky! I would do the same if I was retired. Would spend all day outside if I could 🙂

  3. Flighty says:

    A most enjoyable post and good pictures. I used to have to juggle my time a lot but rarely need to now I’m retired. Some people seem to manage it seemingly effortlessly but I never could.
    It’ll be interesting to see how your Charlotte potatoes do as they are my favourite variety. Enjoy the Flower Show tomorrow.
    Thanks, and you too. xx

    • livingwithbelle says:

      Thank you! I used to be a PA so you would think I would plan myself time to do nothing but I can never sit still 🙂
      I will keep you updated on the potatoes, might try lift one on Saturday.
      Thank you, just had a massive storm here so hoping for a lovely day tomorrow 😊

  4. Matt @ Garden59 says:

    I usually find that I get a bit manic in June – the long days make me feel like I should be doing loads in the garden and I tire myself out putting in late nights there after long days of work/childcare/family/chores and all the other stuff that has to be done. So this year I’m trying to focus on enjoying the time I do get in the garden, and on taking the time to enjoy the garden.

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