Green & Gorgeous – The Flower Farm

When see you pictures of an idyllic flower farm, then realise it is only a 9 minute drive away…

I was recently searching online for flower farms and seeing if there was any nearby so that I could have freshly cut locally grown flowers at home all the time. Amongst the search appeared Green and Gorgeous, in their own words; a flower farm in Little Stoke, Oxfordshire where they work with the seasons to grow a large variety of beautiful flowers from old English favourites through to the wild and unexpected.
The flower farm was born in 2008, an idea the owner Rachel, a professional gardener had envisioned for many years before. What Rachel and her team have created is genius and pure countryside heaven.
Not only do they grow a stunning range of wildly wonderful garden and hedgerow style flowers for weddings and more sympathetic occasions, Rachel runs successful courses where she shares her many years of experience with both the home grower and professional. The courses are fully booked this year but I will certainly be taking an interest in the growing for cutting course next year.
On Saturdays, they open the farm gates to the public from 9 – 4 where you can walk around the fields of beautiful flowers and also purchase freshly cut flowers by the stem.

After moving to my new home this weekend I decided it was the perfect time to take a break from un-packing and go hunt out the farm and some beautiful flowers.


After driving right into the middle of the countryside down a single lane road between fields, yesterday afternoon I arrived at Green and Gorgeous. I felt like a giddy excited child when I saw the view above and rows upon rows of flowers and foliage. I can safely say now before I continue that I will be visiting here at least once a month.

I first made my way into the farm shop where the first thing I noticed alongside the incredible Café Au Lait Dahlias was the Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ stems, they have a big dome flowers yet as delicate as lace. I knew immediately that one would be coming home with me. How can you not buy such beauty when it has your name?! You can’t…

I introduced myself and asked if I could take a look around, you can clearly tell the passion the team have for what they do. Unfortunately Rachel was really busy with weddings and consultations so I didn’t get to meet her, but I am sure and hopeful I will another weekend.

One word stayed permanently in my head as I walked around and took in all the scents, views and wildlife…idyllic.
Rows upon rows of stunning Dahlias, Roses, Foxgloves, Sweet Williams, Sweet Peas and Nigella to name a few were before my eyes.


I could of quite happily stayed sitting in the middle of the flowers for the whole day, would of just needed a cup of tea and a slice of cake to keep me going.

No rest for the wicked though and more un-packing to be done so I reluctantly made my way back to the entrance but not without stopping in the shop to make a couple of purchases, now very proudly in vases at home.


If you live or are camping nearby then I can’t recommend enough that you take a visit, the flower farm certainly is a special place to be appreciated.
I will definitely be back as soon as my vases need filling up again, they have been the first touch to making my new place feel like home.
I am off to No.27 shortly, with a tummy full of sautéed homegrown broad beans from lunch and a mug of freshly cut chocolate mint tea. I have some weeding to tidy up and lots of feeding to do.

Happy Plotting x

5 thoughts on “Green & Gorgeous – The Flower Farm

  1. Flighty says:

    Lovely post and pictures. Lucky you to be so close to a flower farm like this one. I like hydrangeas, and Annabelle is one of my favourite varieties.
    You clearly had a busy weekend, I hope that you soon settle in to your new home. Happy plotting. xx

    • livingwithbelle says:

      It is amazing, depending on the day they will let you go cut your own too. Will become a fortnightly dream for me for now I am sure. Certainly will be adding lots of cut flowers to my plot next year.

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