Jungle July

How are we one day away from August already? This year is going super fast and I am very quickly approaching another birthday this Sunday…ahh! It may be the last of my twenties but I’m determined to make it the best yet.

The rain has certainly been my best friend over the past hectic few weeks, looking after the plot for me so I can focus on much less exciting but necessary tasks. We could do with a more even ratio of sun though, don’t you agree?

Luckily No.27 is looking fully alive, with produce taking over and pumpkin jungle in particular in need of some serious taming. I have painted lady runner beans, floridor courgettes and marketmore cucumbers coming left, right and centre at the moment too, so have started giving them away to family and work colleagues. Keeping a few courgettes aside for me to either simply bake, stuff or turn into delicious cakes. One of my recent creations was a Frosted Courgette and Lemon cake, recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food. There is also a link to a Chocolate version on my Facebook page too.


The ‘Annabelle’ variety new potatoes have also done fantastically and will certainly be a keeper for years to come. I have been harvesting them as and when I need them so far, but will need to go on a treasure hunt for the rest soon so they can go into storage.
My main crop, the ‘King Edwards’ aren’t far away from being ready now either and the dreaded ‘B’ word doesn’t seem to have targeted them just yet. Stay strong spuds! I can’t wait for home grown jacket spuds with lots of delicious fillings. Tuna mayo, cheese, beans….yum! Not altogether of course…


Look at the Dahlias too, pure beauty! Until this year I had never grown dahlias before, was too scared just at the thought as well as all the horror slug tales you hear. But I hoped fortune favoured the brave this year, bought a variety of tubers including Babette and Sylvia, then potted up them in the greenhouse until they were big and strong. Waiting until the final frost before planting out and keeping my fingers crossed.

I must say I’m pretty proud of myself; incredible looking dahlias that I am taking full credit for, even if it is more down to nature. It’s team work….surely?!

Dahlias and fully active 2nd year plot….high five!!

Right, it’s just a quick update from me tonight but I will get back on top of this blogging malarkey I love so very much, I promise! There is so much I want to write about and share with you, including plot activity and my upcoming birthday trip to Countryfile Live so I will be back soon.

In the meantime, I uploaded a video on to my YouTube channel last week giving you a full plot tour of No.27, hopefully you have had a spare 25 minutes to check it out. If not, go make yourself a cuppa or even better a G & T, relax and enjoy by clicking the thumbnail below.

Plot Tour Image.png
Annabelle xx

5 thoughts on “Jungle July

  1. Crops & crafts says:

    What a bumper year, I think we have the rain to thank for that. You have done very well on your plot, congratulations 💜 I don’t know how you pack everything into your busy life. Our plot has been amazing this year, especially the peas. Courgette cake is a favourite in our house, what a delicious way to transform the humble courgette .
    Have a lovely birthday.

  2. GrowLikeGrandad says:

    Your Dahlias look great, I don’t have the confidence to grow them on my allotment because of the slugs they might attract, gone with post at home but they need watering even in heavy rain!

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