Royal Botanic Gardens – Kew

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will know that last Saturday I visited Kew Gardens.
In their words; ‘Kew is London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage site offering unique landscapes, vistas and iconic architecture from every stage of the Gardens’ history. Our collection of living plants is the largest and most diverse in the world, growing out in the landscape and within our glasshouses and nurseries.’
In my words; Kew is a truly beautiful maze of gardens and glass houses all with their own unique personalities and one off sights. Perfect for a day out you will never forget, on your own or with family.

I visited Kew as a young child and had longed to return ever since my love of gardening and grow your own began. It’s only 30 minutes outside of central London or around two hours from my home in the Oxfordshire countryside. With practically it’s own tube station, there has been no excuse not to visit sooner, other than my busy life keeping me away.

I don’t want to talk you through every detail of my visit as I want you to venture their yourself and create your own stories. What I will do though is share with you two of my favourite areas of the gardens and photos from one of the best days I have had in a long time.

Firstly, the Palm House, a breath-takingly beautiful Victorian glasshouse filled with some of the most weird and wonderful plants. You walk in the door and are transported instantly to a rainforest, complete with a winding staircase enabling you to experience every level of the palms and climbers.



The Palm House was purely stunning, but the one area that filled me with equal amounts of delight and envy was The Kew Guild Student Vegetable Plots and Kitchen Garden. 

Fantastic produce and not a weed in sight! Each plot is cared for by a different student, enabling you as the visitor to see how you really can grow a lot of delicious produce in a small space. A little added touch that I loved is that you can read about all the students on displays at the front of each plot. A true mix of wonderful people learning and hopefully getting as passionate as I am about growing your own and allotment life. The younger generation are certainly starting to take an interest across the globe and this was clear to see here too. I definitely left tempted to sign myself up and get my face on one of those plaques! 

If you are as obsessed and giddy about GYO as me, then Kew is worth a visit just to see these hidden away gems! Get yourself a map when you arrive and hunt them out!


View the full slideshow of photos on my YouTube channel by clicking on the thumbnail below.


If you decide to go explore the stunning gardens yourself, I would love to see your photos and know what you think via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can also comment below and email me.

Annabelle xx

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  1. Grow Lotty Grow says:

    Oooh I didn’t realise there was an allotmenty type area. Right, it’s next on my list for a visit, not far from me really.

    Did you spy any interesting veg varieties you fancy trying next year?

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