Happy National Pumpkin Day!

It’s the 26th October, which means Happy National Pumpkin Day!

It also means I am one day away from celebrating Life at No.27 turning three! But more on that tomorrow, back to today and PUMPKINS!

This year I haven’t grown any pumpkins….why I do not know?! Silly behaviour really. Last year I did though and went for it full steam ahead with a challenge in mind.

So I thought I would take today to recap on my giant pumpkin dreams of last year….

At the beginning of the 2017, you will know that I was very kindly gifted two seeds from the 2016 UK Outdoor Grown Record Breaking Pumpkin. Thank you again to Matthew Oliver, the incredibly talented horticulturist who grew the 1333lb whopper at RHS Hyde Hall for sending them to me.
I took on the very daunting task of sowing and nurturing these two extremely precious seeds. Knowing from day one, that I had one goal….to win the Heaviest Pumpkin Award at the local Autumn Show! No pressure!
The months went past with continuous watering, feeding and not as much sun as I would have liked. Finally it was D-Day, time to harvest the pumpkin and take it the show.
How did I do?! I WON…YES!!!!!

Read my blog Autumn Show 2017 – Trophy Time!, to find out about the pumpkin and the full show experience. It’s one I will never forget!

Throughout the year I kept in touch with Matt; asking for advice, giving him updates and keeping a very close eye on the progress of his giant attempt to smash his own record.

As you will know now hopefully, he smashed that record in 2017 and took a 1,498.4lb beauty to the Malvern Show. The reaction on his face when the weight was read out across the show said it all, pure passion and relief! He only went and extended his collection of records this year as well winning the UK Squash Record at 1085.8lb a few weeks ago.

Last year, I had the absolute honour of chatting to Matt at RHS Hyde Hall in front of the spectacular display. I wanted to see for myself the genuine enthusiasm he has for GYO, catch up in person and find out every detail of the new UK Record Breaking Pumpkin.


Most importantly, I took the camera along for the ride, so I could share the day with you and all things Pumpkins.

You can watch the full video by clicking on the Thumbnail below:

Hyde Hall Pumpkin
I learnt lots of tips from Matt on growing giant pumpkins and so can you if you watch the video.
Shall I try beat my own personal record next year? If so, does anyone have a field I can borrow though…..please?! I’m not sure No.27 has the capacity for a 1000lb+ whopper.

Whether it’s a record-breaking contestant or the cute miniature decorative varieties, make sure you also give growing your own pumpkin a go next year. Not only are they a rip-off in the shops compared to the price of the average seed, but you can’t beat the sense of pride that comes with harvesting your own.

Don’t stop there…carve a spooky design out for Halloween or even better, make your own perfectly Autumnal and warming Pumpkin Soup.

I shared the delicious recipe I use in my Soggy Sunday Autumn Soup blog, give it go! If you aren’t a soup fan, how about Pumpkin Pie? Don’t forget to keep the seeds too, they are full of health benefits and also can be saved for growing next year. Free pumpkins for life!

Comment below or tag me on social if you have grown your own pumpkins this year. Would love to see photos and what their decided fate was….display, soup, pie or something else marvellous.

Happy National Pumpkin Day again from me and I will be back very soon to celebrate Life at No.27 and my allotment journey turning 3!!





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  1. MrsCraft says:

    Well done! Our biggest pumpkin was a baby really at only around 10lb but my son was super proud. We saved the seeds from the pumpkin we bought last year so we were pleased that any grew at all.

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