RHS Hyde Hall – Global Growth Veg Garden and Dahlia Crisps!

In October 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Oliver, the man behind the 1,498.4lb UK Outdoor Grown Record Breaking Pumpkin. As you will already know if you read my Happy National Pumpkin Day blog all about the visit, Matt is also the lucky guy responsible for the new Global Growth Veg Garden at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex.

Whilst I was there I took the opportunity to ask him everything you need to know about the new Veg Garden which opened in the Summer last year. Including the story behind the layout, the journey of its development and the trials and successes so far. I was very keen to get a few tips and ideas out of Matt which I could share with you too, such as new unusual crops you wouldn’t normally think you can grow in the UK and also some surprisingly edible plants too.

Watch the full interview and see a snapshot of the incredible garden itself by clicking on the thumbnail below.

thumbnail 3.jpg
It is certainly worth you taking a visit to see it for yourself too!

I will be bringing lots more interviews to you this year, so please comment below and let me know who in particular you would like me to put in front of the camera. Also, what you would like me to ask.

It’s all about creating content that helps, inspires, and ultimately that both you and I love.

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4 thoughts on “RHS Hyde Hall – Global Growth Veg Garden and Dahlia Crisps!

    • LifeatNo.27 says:

      Hi, thank you very much, I’m so pleased you love the interview! Really want to bring many more interviews and great content to you in 2018. If there is anything in particular you would like to see then let me know and it would be greatly appreciated too!

      Ah so pleased you have asked for seed, hopefully Matt has come back to you, otherwise let me know.

    • LifeatNo.27 says:

      Thank you!! Definitely do it, I set myself a goal a couple of years ago that I had to visit a new town or exact place like a Gardens etc every month! Makes a huge difference 😀

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