Hey, I hope you had a fab weekend?

We were away in the Lake District; celebrating a friend’s wedding, dancing lots and exploring the incredible scenery. It was my first time back to the lakes in about 20 years (the last time was a year 6 school trip), so it was great to really take in the beauty and create memories that I actually remember.

Before heading off though and over the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to tackle the many gardening tasks that need doing at this time of the year. Pruning trees, chopping and storing logs for winter, cutting back perennial plants and weeding the therapy site. Not forgetting planting spring bulbs as well of course!

Luckily a little while back, the fabulous team at Gardena got in touch and asked if I would love to receive some tools and financial support towards the organisation. Whilst I’m not always one for paid partnership campaigns, this felt a little different. They not only wanted to gift me the tools which can be used within the school and adult programmes by clients, but the financial support would cover the cost of TWO school programmes. This made it worthwhile!

So, today and over the next couple of weeks, I will share with you the tools I selected and my thoughts on their performance. As always being totally honest so you know what you are getting….

The first up was the curved garden saw, a ‘must have’ for pruning trees. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly tall at about 5ft 6 inches, so reaching branches is always tricky. It’s usually a job in the past I would leave to someone else as the thought of me standing on a ladder with a normal saw fills me with fear. Are you the same? But I didn’t want it to be this way forever, I love being able to do everything by myself or at least have the skills to carry out as many tasks as possible.

Knowing that the Gardena saw can be handheld but also added to a super size telescopic pole, keeping my feet firmly on the ground – I needed it! It has been a total game changer already. I have cut back trees on the towpath and pruned an array of trees and shrubs within the garden I maintain every Friday morning. All tasks I wouldn’t of been able to do confidently before.

Technical details of the saw: The hard-chrome-plated saw guarantees corrosion free use, has a hook for removing cut-off branches and the blade is a fantastic 30mm long.

The telescopic pole: It’s huge, but lightweight! I can hold it long enough to cut branches, not feeling like my arms may break and my shoulders start creaking. They do a few different types, but I chose the metal one that goes from 160cm to 290cm! I can reach pretty much everything!

The pole is actually part of a combisystem so you can buy loads of different attachments, such as rake, hoe, fruit picker that all fit on to the one pole!

The verdict: I really like the saw… as you can probably tell! I think it is a tool and task that definitely takes practice to get right though, especially as someone that until now rarely used a normal saw. But, I have received lots of tips from others and that has definitely made a difference, including applying the right pressure, standing correctly and keeping continuous movement of the saw. I will keep practicing and gradually improve! It has already definitely boosted my confidence that’s for sure.

Would I recommend it? YES!

I also strongly advise that you wear goggles and a hat unlike me pictured on these occasions, it may seem OTT, but you definitely don’t want branches falling on your head or small pieces of wood going in your eye.

What is your favourite tool to use in the Autumn and why?

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