Christmas Gift Idea: Combi system tools!

Who needs some gardening gift ideas to pop on a letter to Santa? I want to bring you a few of my favourites between now and the big day, just in case you are unaware of what’s new in the market or are struggling for ideas.

As someone with minimal space both at home on the boat, in transit and at the adult therapy site, I find combi system tools really handy. If you don’t know what they are, you basically buy a single pole and can choose many different gardening attachments that easily slot in and fix to the pole.

Just like this hoe and rake from Gardena; the final two tools that were gifted to Life at No.27 as part of a partnership to support the therapy programmes. They take up a lot less space and are just as effective!

This particular lightweight pole that they fit on to extends up to 290 cm! So, you can add tools for the ground work and also for trees at great heights. Just like the curved saw which I featured a couple of weeks ago here.

I have been using the hoe and rake at the adult therapy site ahead of it’s opening in Spring with great success and they will be available for all clients to use as soon as we are up and running.

Most attachments cost between £10 – £30 on Amazon and in many garden centres which I think is definitely value for money. The pole itself varies from £10 – £40 depending on which one you choose.

Do you have limited storage but dream of owning many tools? Or know somebody who may find this collection as useful as I do? Maybe the combi system should be sliding down the chimney and under a nearby Christmas Tree.

Now that I have mentioned the big polite C world….Christmas, who has got their decorations up yet?! We haven’t, but we do have ADVENT CALENDARS! They are an annual must for every age I think and I still have today’s little chocolate to devour…. right now. So I will keep this short and wish you a wonderful week ahead.

Giant thank you again to Gardena for supporting the organisation both financially and with tools! xx

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