Eeeekkk…ok and breathe….

 Wednesday 9pm – Channel 5 🥳

I’m beyond excited and a little terrified to share that I will be on This Week on the Farm tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm on Channel 5!!! Talking to the super lovely Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson at Cannon Hall Farm, all about allotments and their amazing physical and mental benefits! Plus much more…

It was such an incredible experience and now I really want to do it again, lots! I could have talked for hours so trying to share all of my knowledge and passion into 4 minutes was extremely tricky. Well, perhaps impossible in reality. I definitely left feeling like ‘ah I wish I had said this and that!. But as the wonderful show producer said to me at the time; “Thats totally normal and we would have to cut anything else anyway. It was brilliant and way beyond what we were expecting” 😃

Tune in if you can xx

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