Silent Potatoes

Apologies for my silence, time goes too fast and life can change so quickly.

I’m back and keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny day tomorrow to get up to No.27. I haven’t been able to get up there and do anything yet this year, so fidgeting to go get the beds dug and weeded.

Whilst I have been away I have managed to finish my collection of seeds and start planning them month by month. Now just to try make room for everything in time!

Here is everything I am hoping to grow on No.27 in my first year:
Russian Giant Sunflowers
Calendula – Fiesta Gitana Mixed
St George runner beans
Firetongue borlotto climbing beans
Leeks – Autumn Mammoth 2
Spring Onions – Performer
Sweet Corn – Snobaby
Brussels Sprouts – Bright F1
Brodie F1
Braemar F1
Carrots – Autumn King 2
Purple Sun F1
Potatoes – Charlotte
Sarpo Mira


Need to collect a few more empty egg trays so I can get chitting as soon as possible.

What are you growing this year?

Hopefully be back tomorrow with news of digging success…



7 thoughts on “Silent Potatoes

  1. Flighty says:

    Nor have I done any plotting this month as it’s either been too soggy or frozen. That’s a good selection you’ve chosen, some which I also grow such as pot marigolds, runner beans St George and Charlotte potatoes which are my favourite variety. Don’t worry if you don’t start chitting for a week or two.
    I’m growing my usual choices including broad beans, onions and tomatoes.
    Have a good weekend. xx

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