Robins & Raspberries

Digging Success….two hours yesterday and a full day today accompanied by my friend, Mr Robin at all times.

I had a busy day yesterday but still managed to squeeze in two hours which included more digging and more importantly catching up with my next plot neighbour Sarah. She has only had her plot for a year, but has given me so much advice and very kindly gave me a bag of raspberry canes she had dug up.

Today was a great success, was up at No.27 by 9:45am and didn’t leave until 3:30pm, with a visit from my parents and lunch in between.
Managed to take the worked area out by another half metre, then up by same. Now the bed is the desired width, I will continue to dig back to the top of the plot then divide the area into beds with woodchip paths.


Not sure I am going to have space for all the seeds I have bought this year, but what doesn’t fit will last until next year.
Yesterday, I forgot to include Crown Prince Squash and Rouge Vif D’Etampes mini pumpkins, which I am very excited to try.

Before I start boring you, quickly back to the raspberry canes. I wasn’t planning on being offered free canes or anything else so had planned the layout of my plot based on what I had bought to grow.
At the top of the plot I inherited a blackberry bush, so thought that I would turn that area into a fruit cage once all the digging was done. I haven’t made it that part of the plot yet though and was desperate to not say no to such a kind offer of the raspberry canes.
So my current sketches went out the window and two rows (15 canes) were planted today in what was going to be the potato bed. Being a control freak I panicked for a second then got over myself and will just move everything back.

I hope my allotmenteer friends (followers) managed to get up to their plots and make the most of a beautiful weekend.
Keeping my fingers crossed for more sunshine and dry weather.

Have a great week x


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