“Less waffling and more digging”

That’s another thing my dad would say…

I only had a brief visit to No.27 today, well about 2 hours, as the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind all morning.
One minute sunny, the next dark, windy and raining, and it stayed this way all day. The plot isn’t going to dig and weed itself though unfortunately, so just got stuck in.

Managed to get about 40cm x 2.6m wide done, before my parents showed up to say hello as they were over this way.
My dad can’t help but do his bit when he visits, so he cracked on digging the manure into the potato bed. Afterwards, out of the back of the car came a large solid oak table, for my SHED!
Someone at his work was about to throw it into the skip, madness I know! He rescued it for me, trimmed it down slightly and here it is, in pride of place in my shed.

Back home to warm up, and I can finally say I have started sowing!

First up was Thompson & Morgan Sweet Peas ‘Scented Mix’ courtesy of Gardeners World Magazine. This variety can be sown indoors from Jan – April. I went for 7 pots, each approx. 7.5cm wide, filling them with multi-purpose compost and sowing 3 seeds in each pot at a depth of 1cm before watering.
Sweet Peas grow up to 1.8m tall, producing large wavy-edged flowers with strong fragrance.
I will be planting mine out at the base of a tripod of canes, either directly in the ground or a large container.

Next up, Thompson & Morgan Pepper ‘Peperoncino Ciliegia Piccante’. Piccante variety our a medium hot ‘cherry chilli’ 2cm round, green turning red. The fruits lose some ‘heat’ in cooking so ideal for stuffing and grilling. I’m thinking with mozzarella.
You can sow indoors in a propagator or greenhouse from January to April, placing the seeds on the surface of free-draining compost and covering with fine sprinkle of compost.
As they are a compact plant, varying from 40cm – 70cm tall depending on growing space, I will be planting mine out in containers which will go in the outhouse of my shed.

Lastly was Suttons Onion ‘Bedfordshire Champion’, an old favourite and reliable cropper apparently. This variety claim to have a brown skinned, mild flavour and long storage period. Can be sown indoors or directly outside but I decided to try them indoors first, sowing 3 seeds per pot in to multi-purpose compost.
When ready for planting out, I will be positioning these next to my carrots as they work very well together, and the onions help deter carrot fly.

All of these have been placed in separate un-heated propagators and positioned on a sunny windowsill.

Have you started sowing yet? Managed to make much progress at your plot or have you been hit by the snow this weekend?






11 thoughts on ““Less waffling and more digging”

  1. Beryl says:

    That table’s gorgeous – and it must be lovely to have help on the digging front. I’ve sown quite a bit, but I can’t do anything on the plot till it’s less wet – April maybe?!

  2. Flighty says:

    Shame about the weather but good to see that you were busy plotting one way or another. I’m sure that table will prove most useful.
    I’ve won’t be sowing anything for a couple of weeks yet, indoors or out. xx

  3. Kalamain says:

    I’m also doing those Piccante cherry peppers. They are also good for putting in roasts to get a little heat in there.

    It’s also a little cold up here in Yorkshire. I put out my carrots about 2 weeks ago, expecting at least some show by now… But nothing. I’m wondering if I did them too early and then we had the frosts and snow.

      • Kalamain says:

        Yup. I kept more than half the seeds just in case. I know when I am looking at a possible fail!

        I’m going to try again if none of them come up. I’ll be using the ‘seed tape’ method though.

  4. lindas garden and wildlife says:

    Awesome update thank you for sharing i just sown some carrot that will stay in greenhouse got some chills that need potting like wise some lettuce and still waiting for some toms to poke the heads up have a blessed day

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