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In the Summer of 2015, I was growing vegetables in a few containers eagerly waiting for a email to arrive offering me an allotment. Enthusiastically sowing seeds and a few cheeky plug plants in the hope of my first grow your own success. I was hooked instantly and fell head over heels in love with nature’s magic from the first seed.

A few weeks before the confirmation arrived that the overgrown plot that is No.27 was mine, I was walking through Benson, a local village where I saw a poster advertising a talk with Pippa Greenwood.
For over 13 years, Pippa was a regular presenter on BBC 2’s ‘Gardeners’ World’, presenting many items on science and gardening, and creating her own organic kitchen garden in Hampshire. Pippa is now a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time, as well as a successful speaker and writer.
I thought I have to attend, so took a photo of the poster and the next day secured my ticket. The date soon came round and I headed out straight from work on an adventure for gardening tips and advice. I had the pleasure of meeting Pippa before the talk, introducing myself and my allotment dreams. A cup of tea in hand and a packed crowd, I found myself a seat and got comfy ready to absorb every detail I could.
I loved every minute, setting off home wanting and determined to grow everything I possibly could.

Fast forward to now, when I was recently talking to Pippa and re-capping the story I have just told. You know me…I live and breathe GYO and inspiring all ages and abilities to just give it a go. But there is always those with excuses, too busy, too scared, too much hard work, seeds didn’t germinate so I gave up, the list goes on. The thing is though, excuses don’t work with me.
So when Pippa told me about her unique ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ system, I couldn’t help but love and want to support the idea. Especially when she offered you, my wonderful followers an exclusive 10% discount offer.

The system is simple:

  • Choose the vegetables you would like to grow from the range on offer
  • The plants, all specially grown for Pippa in Lincolnshire, UK, will be sent out to you as really good-sized garden-ready plants and at a perfect time for planting (approx early to mid-May)
  • Each week she will email you outlining all you need to do with your chosen crops – starting with soil preparation and pre-planting advice, then guiding you right through from planting to the best ways to harvest for maximum yield and best quality.
  • The unique emails are tailor-made to your chosen crops and as Pippa grows the entire range herself too, she knows what is really happening each week
  • This all makes veg growing easy, fun and more productive. What I am all about!

The 10% discount applies if you are buying a GYO Pack of any size and to make it extra special Pippa has made it so it’ll discount the entire basket contents if you include a GYO with PG pack!

Just insert code 12460-BCY1J in the discount box when you pay.

The offer is valid from now until early May, when Pippa is likely to take very last orders for the veg.

If you are confident with growing your own, then why not treat friends or family to a Gift Voucher card for their very own GYO packs. Inspiring those around you to try grow their own with a little help from Pippa and myself along the way.
Plus if it’s a gift they have to try them out, would be rude otherwise and fingers crossed they might become as hooked as me.

Check out the fantastic system and let me know what you think…

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